Day 1 – Monday 24 June – The Day it Began!

After years of yo-yo dieting and reaching my highest weight again, I decided it was time to get rid of my excess weight for good. After a period of time away in Africa I was able to reassess what it is that I want out of life and a heart attack and an early grave was not it. I removed myself from the continual cycle of partying and hangovers that were the central aspect of my life and realized that as I approached 30 it was now the time to get myself fit and healthy or face up to the reality that I was in for a short unhappy life.

I was recently introduced to a film ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ by a gentleman called Joe Cross, a successful businessman accustomed to a party life style of excess, although I am not at his level yet in the business world I do well for myself and have enjoyed a life of excess. I could relate to Joe and how he managed to get into his overweight and unhealthy position, it was exactly the same way as I had. I decided it was time to follow in his footsteps and change my life in a positive way so that I am healthy and happy.

In his film Joe introduces the concept of ‘juicing’ as a weight loss technique. He is followed by a film crew on a journey across the US for 60 days in which he discusses the benefits of juicing and precedes to lose nearly 100 pounds in those 60 days. That is a big transformation in a short period of time and with me being inpatient at the best of times I thought it would be worth a go!

I have tried many diets with varying degrees of success, in my late teens I lost about 60 pounds on the Slimming World diet and in my mid twenties I lost about 80 pounds on Lighter Life. The Slimming World eating plan was an extremely healthy way of loosing weight but a lot slower than the Lighter Life which is fast but not healthy at all. In my opinion the Joe Cross juicing approach takes the best out of both these diets, healthy and fast.

So how am I feeling after day 1 of juicing? Tired, sluggish and have a chronic headache, however I can attribute this to my body being in shock that it is actually receiving some healthy vitamins and minerals! I still feel better than I would have done with a hangover!

Day 1dave n joe


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