Day 4 – Still Hungry & Tired

I am still waiting for this increase in energy that I am meant to be experiencing with all the juicing I have been doing. Every diet I have been on claims that I will experience more energy and every diet I have been on has left me shattered.

The good news is that the trips to the bathroom have slowed down…

Raushana is away at a wedding tonight so I think I will go home after work, juice tonight’s meals and tomorrow’s breakfast and hit the Xbox 360 Kinect. I am also going to take advantage of the free bed and try and get more than 6 hours sleep!sleep


5 responses to “Day 4 – Still Hungry & Tired

  1. No wonder you’re tired. You need 7 or 8 hours of sleep, regularly!! And, being only 4 days in, your body is probably heavily detoxing. This, in and of itself is tiring, and requires more sleep than usual.

    • I am trying to get my 7 or 8 hours of rest every night but I find it difficult to fit in everything I need to do when it comes to my private life, work and MBA studies, oh and this blog lol

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