Day 5 – Thank God It’s Friday

So as we creep to the end of the Friday work day here in Kazakhstan, I have to think about what my new routine is for a Friday night. Usually I would start rounding up the recruits for a few pints after work in the local pub Shakespeare, tonight however is the first Friday night of the DMMD Lifestyle Revolution. So what do I do? How do I fill the social void? I ask Raushana the plan for the evening and I get the response of ‘I want to relax as I’m tired’, which is fair enough due to the late night she had with the wedding yesterday, however I have a week’s worth of steam to blow off from work. I’m thinking of going home doing some juicing and playing on the Kinect…

I have found this week fairly easy in terms of the diet at work, I tend to order in and eat at my desk so it hasn’t affected the social interaction with my work colleagues. No one has stopped to ask me about the green liquid I am drinking in the morning and why I am not eating at lunch. I haven’t broadcast the fact that I am on a diet, I don’t want the pressure of people continually asking how I am getting on. I’m hoping within the next 4-8 weeks that the changes in my look will result in questions on what I am doing.

On another note, I have enjoyed using WordPress and the concept of blogging. These are both new to me so there is definitely a learning curve that I am going through, but I feel as though I am picking it up. Additionally I feel that having this blog to air my thoughts and report daily on my progress will help to keep me on track as I am much more reflective on my thought process throughout the day. I haven’t broadcast this blog yet on my social network, partly because I don’t want to bring attention to my size and secondly because I am thinking of surprising my family when I go home at Christmas with a new streamlined version of me. I think once again when the results start to show, that will be the point when I open up this blog to people I know on my social network.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to blow off the steam from a week’s worth of stress, please let me know 🙂



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