Day 7 – Pancakes!

As I was juicing my breakfast this morning, Raushana started to cook banana pancakes, the apartment smelt incredible. As much as I wanted to eat the whole batch smothered in honey I resisted and continued drinking my juice. My willpower and strength is going to get me through this, after leading a life where I always said yes (to another beer, another scotch, another desert) I am starting to say no. I am focused and determined to succeed and that is exactly what I want to do. I have always wondered why it is that I can be a professional management consultant, work long hours and produce excellent results, study hard and achieve fantastic marks in my MBA but not have the strength and dedication to my personal health and happiness. I think the reason is that it is my escape route from the stress of work and studying – now I need to find a new escape route and I think I am going to replace it with walking. I am still juicing and I am still motivated and dedicated, I haven’t hit a real tough patch yet – long may that continue!



10 responses to “Day 7 – Pancakes!

  1. Hey there, thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading more posts and seeing your transformation. Good job turning down the pancakes – I know it is hard! But I actually have a pretty healthy and delicious recipe for banana pancakes made with teff flour, which is SUPER healthy. Also have a few with veggies in them. Might be worth a try sometime.

  2. I am in the same position you describe. I get excellent grades in my college courses, my colleagues and supervisors at work have always had the utmost respect for my abilities and work ethic/habits…I can do anything that I set my mind to…except getting in shape!! I’ve been trying for probably 15 years now. :-/

      • What I haven’t tried would probably be a shorter list! I’ve tried Weight Watchers (twice), Atkins, calorie tracking at various amounts (e.g. target 1200, target 1500)…I’ve tried TaeBo (hated Billy Blanks), P90 (loved Tony Horton), P90X, TurboJam, C25k, lifting weights. I’ve tried the diet alone, I’ve tried “eating healthy” and exercise (this is what I’m doing now), and I’ve tried strict diet regimens coupled with intense exercise.

        My reasons for failure have varied. Sometimes I go too far and get too intense and I burn out, injure myself or get sick…then I stop. Sometimes I don’t see results so I get frustrated and stop. One time – when I did Weight Watchers, I plateued for three weeks and the person weighing me in criticized me…never went back there again. I’ve gotten bored. And I have gone through times where I was SO good and didn’t see great results and then I had a bad day or two and threw in the towel.

        It is just so odd that this is the one area of my life that I can’t succeed. Frustrating!!

      • I have decided not to weigh myself this time, I found it an easy way of getting demotivated the previous times I have lost weight – if I had worked hard all week and did not get the result I was expecting then I would feel like throwing the towel in. I am also varying my approach this time, breaking down my attempt into different phases each with its own eating and fitness plan. The fact is that it is going to be a complete lifestyle change forever, it may take a year or two to get where you want to be but it is going to be a permanent change to maintain.

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