Day 8 – Another Good Day

Today was a long day at work, I had a mountain of work to do and was let down by several other departments on the program, under pressure and feeling stressed – time to hit the pub? No! I went home and spent nearly 2 hours juicing, clearing the fridge, cleaning the kitchen and preparing my shopping list for the next week…what has happened??? It seems as though I am going down the right track. Raushana came home with a bag full of hot fresh bread, it smelt incredible…but that’s all I did – my willpower remained strong!

I spoke briefly with my brother Matty who recommended that I go to the doctor and get my cholesterol, blood sugar levels, fat percentage checked. I don’t like going to the doctors because they always say the same thing…LOSE WEIGHT…but I may take his advice, bite the bullet and go get the tests done.

I had a juice last night which consisted of Chinese cabbage, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple…it tasted horrible and I found it really difficult to finish. This is the first time I have felt like this, I hope it is not going to be like that next time because I don’t want this diet to become a struggle to follow just like the protein shakes with lighter life.kazakh bread


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