Day 9 – Lunchtime Test

Another good day. I am motivated and determined to succeed. I went down a notch on my belt which shows I am going in the right direction and has given me the boost needed to stay focussed and maintain my drive towards my goal. My colleagues ordered KFC for lunch and had it delivered to the office, usually I would have ordered a deluxe combo meal and 5 spicy wings washed down with a large Sprite. On this occasion I declined and enjoy a juice, by enjoy I mean sit there smiling through gritted teeth whilst the rest of my colleagues devoured their greasy, dirty, fattening and unhealthy food!

I took my weekly delivery of fruit and veg in the evening, the fridge is rammed full of healthiness and I have never been in this position before – it feels good. It feels good knowing what I am doing is for me. A happy, healthier me. Someone that can enjoy life without the guilt and embarrassment of being overweight hanging over their head. That is what I am looking forward to. Being normal. Not known as the big man, but David the man.

My enabler lands in Almaty tomorrow, armed with a bottle of scotch to wet his newborn baby’s head. I have told him via email I am on a diet and not drinking, however he brushed it off as friendly banter. We will see how Thursday goes with him back in the office…



4 responses to “Day 9 – Lunchtime Test

  1. Well done for resisting temptation. It gets hard at times, seeing other people eating the food that you might want. As you said perfectly, it is a lot of rubbish we put in our body because we don’t think we deserve better. But now I finally believe that my body deserves good and healthy food not a lot of rubbish and I want to live a longer and healthier life.

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