Day 10 – Another Good Day

Another successful day down, I am motivated and flying at the minute. One of my colleagues just returned to the office from the Middle East with some amazing Baklava, I declined. How I would have loved an afternoon snack of Baklava and a cup of tea. I kept strong though and resisted the temptation. The boss came into my office late in the evening to confirm my attendance at the office 4th July party. As a patriotic Englishman I refuse to acknowledge the fourth of July but for corporate politics I will attend. The question now however is how do I prevent it from undoing all of my hard work? I plan to sit there sit and sip sparkling water. I have put so much work in that I don’t want something that I have no real interest in spoiling it, if Newcastle had won the FA Cup then things would of course be different! My enabler is back tomorrow, he sent me a message last night from Amsterdam saying he was on his way, because I didn’t reply straight away he sent another message saying that I was probably in the pub! I told him again I was not drinking…he still thinks I am having him on! He is in for a surprise!



10 responses to “Day 10 – Another Good Day

  1. Keep thinking big picture! The feeling of that drink or food is incomparable to the feeling of staying strong and unbreakable!

    • Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to keep it updated but I find it a great communication channel for my thoughts and progress šŸ™‚

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