Day 11 – Willpower

I attended the corporate 4th July party, my colleagues and friends were ordering beer and fattening foods, I sat there drinking sparkling water, watching them eat. I was fine with it, it felt good to be strong knowing that I had my juicing to do when I got home. No one mentioned that I wasn’t eating which was good and my enabler back with a beer in his hand was speechless at my willpower. Raushana went with me and offered me a mouthful of her noodles, I said to her that I wanted to be happy and healthier more than I wanted that mouthful of food. At that moment it clicked, this weight loss game is easy, when there is a decision of whether to eat a burger or drink a beer, just ask yourself “what do you want more?” The answer is the motivator.

I am feeling good, it has been a long week at work though and I am grinding towards the weekend. I am still highly motivated and am starting to notice the results of my efforts only 11 days in. This is a good sign and is keeping me focussed on my goal.



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