Day 12 – Friday Night with the Enabler

All day on Friday I sat in the office next to my former drinking partner and had to deal with his ‘banter’ about my diet and how I wasn’t a man because I wasn’t going out drinking on a Friday night. It is fun and it doesn’t bother me, I think it shows strength that I don’t give in to peer pressure and maintain my quest to succeed in my weight loss journey. I didn’t go out to drink and I felt great on Saturday with proper rest and relaxation.

I have also begun taking notice of other people’s eating habits and ensuring that I train my future habits in a way that reduces the risk of over eating or eating the wrong stuff. Today a colleague devoured in front of me: 2 chicken burgers, 5 chicken strips and a portion of fries – it was incredible the speed in which he ate and the sheer volume. I don’t want to eat like that. I don’t want to be that person. I want to be happy and healthy, satisfied that I am giving myself the best chance at life.

chicken burger


2 responses to “Day 12 – Friday Night with the Enabler

  1. One of the hardest battles is overcoming the comments from other people. I have avoided them in the past by ordering a diet coke at the bar… it’s a lot cheaper.:) Good luck! Don’t give up!

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