Day 13 & 14 – Carrot Cake

Saturday was a fairly easy day, I woke up and got on with some MBA studying and rested making sure that my body is not over exerting itself…and then Raushana started to cook a carrot cake for her friend! I love carrot cake and the smell in the apartment was incredible. I was good though and didn’t have any. I am so focused and determined to reach my goal that I don’t miss the taste of food and drink that I know are detrimental to my success. It comes back down to what is it that I want more. I want to be happy and healthy much more than I want a piece of carrot cake. Loosing weight is easy if you master the decision making process.

Sunday was similar to Saturday, lots of MBA work and rest. We had guests on Sunday evening and  Raushana decided to use the rest of the carrot pulp for another cake. Once again I did not have a piece of it, because  when I put weigh up determination and desire to succeed on one side and a piece of cake on the other side, I realize that  my goal and plan are more important. I spent some time on the Xbox Kinect which got the blood flowing. All in all Sunday was another day down and another day closer to success.

carrot cake


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