Weekly Photo Update – Week 2

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Today was a long day at work, I had a mountain of work to do and was let down by several other departments on the program, under pressure and feeling stressed – time to hit the pub? No! I went home and spent nearly 2 hours juicing, clearing the fridge, cleaning the kitchen and preparing my shopping list for the next week…what has happened??? It seems as though I am going down the right track. Raushana came home with a bag full of hot fresh bread, it smelt incredible…but that’s all I did – my willpower remained strong!

I spoke briefly with my brother Matty who recommended that I go to the doctor and get my cholesterol, blood sugar levels, fat percentage checked. I don’t like going to the doctors because they always say the same thing…LOSE WEIGHT…but I may take his advice, bite the bullet and go get the tests done.

I had a juice last night which consisted of Chinese cabbage, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple…it tasted horrible and I found it really difficult to finish. This is the first time I have felt like this, I hope it is not going to be like that next time because I don’t want this diet to become a struggle to follow just like the protein shakes with lighter life.


Another good day. I am motivated and determined to succeed. I went down a notch on my belt which shows I am going in the right direction and has given me the boost needed to stay focused and maintain my drive towards my goal. My colleagues ordered KFC for lunch and had it delivered to the office, usually I would have ordered a deluxe combo meal and 5 spicy wings washed down with a large Sprite. On this occasion I declined and enjoy a juice, by enjoy I mean sit there smiling through gritted teeth whilst the rest of my colleagues devoured their greasy, dirty, fattening and unhealthy food!

I took my weekly delivery of fruit and veg in the evening, the fridge is rammed full of healthiness and I have never been in this position before – it feels good. It feels good knowing what I am doing is for me. A happy, healthier me. Someone that can enjoy life without the guilt and embarrassment of being overweight hanging over their head. That is what I am looking forward to. Being normal. Not known as the big man, but David the man.

My enabler lands in Almaty tomorrow, armed with a bottle of scotch to wet his newborn baby’s head. I have told him via email I am on a diet and not drinking, however he brushed it off as friendly banter. We will see how Thursday goes with him back in the office…


Another successful day down, I am motivated and flying at the minute. One of my colleagues just returned to the office from the Middle East with some amazing Baklava, I declined. How I would have loved an afternoon snack of Baklava and a cup of tea. I kept strong though and resisted the temptation. The boss came into my office late in the evening to confirm my attendance at the office 4th July party. As a patriotic Englishman I refuse to acknowledge the fourth of July but for corporate politics I will attend. The question now however is how do I prevent it from undoing all of my hard work? I plan to sit there sit and sip sparkling water. I have put so much work in that I don’t want something that I have no real interest in spoiling it, if Newcastle had won the FA Cup then things would of course be different! My enabler is back tomorrow, he sent me a message last night from Amsterdam saying he was on his way, because I didn’t reply straight away he sent another message saying that I was probably in the pub! I told him again I was not drinking…he still thinks I am having him on! He is in for a surprise!


I attended the corporate 4th July party, my colleagues and friends were ordering beer and fattening foods, I sat there drinking sparkling water, watching them eat. I was fine with it, it felt good to be strong knowing that I had my juicing to do when I got home. No one mentioned that I wasn’t eating which was good and my enabler back with a beer in his hand was speechless at my willpower. Raushana went with me and offered me a mouthful of her noodles, I said to her that I wanted to be happy and healthier more than I wanted that mouthful of food. At that moment it clicked, this weight loss game is easy, when there is a decision of whether to eat a burger or drink a beer, just ask yourself “what do you want more?” The answer is the motivator.

I am feeling good, it has been a long week at work though and I am grinding towards the weekend. I am still highly motivated and am starting to notice the results of my efforts only 11 days in. This is a good sign and is keeping me focused on my goal.


All day on Friday I sat in the office next to my former drinking partner and had to deal with his ‘banter’ about my diet and how I wasn’t a man because I wasn’t going out drinking on a Friday night. It is fun and it doesn’t bother me, I think it shows strength that I don’t give in to peer pressure and maintain my quest to succeed in my weight loss journey. I didn’t go out to drink and I felt great on Saturday with proper rest and relaxation.

I have also begun taking notice of other people’s eating habits and ensuring that I train my future habits in a way that reduces the risk of over eating or eating the wrong stuff. Today a colleague devoured in front of me: 2 chicken burgers, 5 chicken strips and a portion of fries – it was incredible the speed in which he ate and the sheer volume. I don’t want to eat like that. I don’t want to be that person. I want to be happy and healthy, satisfied that I am giving myself the best chance at life.


Saturday was a fairly easy day, I woke up and got on with some MBA studying and rested making sure that my body is not over exerting itself…and then Raushana started to cook a carrot cake for her friend! I love carrot cake and the smell in the apartment was incredible. I was good though and didn’t have any. I am so focused and determined to reach my goal that I don’t miss the taste of food and drink that I know are detrimental to my success. It comes back down to what is it that I want more. I want to be happy and healthy much more than I want a piece of carrot cake. Losing weight is easy if you master the decision making process.

Sunday was similar to Saturday, lots of MBA work and rest. We had guests on Sunday evening and  Raushana decided to use the rest of the carrot pulp for another cake. Once again I did not have a piece of it, because  when I put weigh up determination and desire to succeed on one side and a piece of cake on the other side, I realize that  my goal and plan are more important. I spent some time on the Xbox Kinect which got the blood flowing. All in all Sunday was another day down and another day closer to success.

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14 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 2

  1. She is being fantastic throughout the whole process, but it shows that you have to deal with unexpected temptations along the way and make sure that you find a way to deal with it. I am an all or nothing kind of person so I need to make sure I do not try anything because if I do then I will want more. It is a real mental challenge but one that I am currently winning!

  2. Just remember, if you do have the odd slip the main thing is not to let it end your journey. We all have them, the difference between success and failure is how we deal with them 🙂

    • I am trying to do as much as possible to reduce the risk of slipping up, stacking the odds in my favour. I haven’t had a slip yet and I don’t plan on one either. This diet is going to happen on my terms this time, that is driving me towards success 🙂

  3. I see you started to follow my blog-thanks. Good luck in your endeavour to lose weight. Can I suggest you stop thinking of it as a “diet” and beging thinking of it as a lifestyle change. It seems to make it much easier for the enablers to understand 😉

    • I have tried to look at it from the lifestyle point of you rather than the diet hence “The DMMD Lifestyle Revolution” as it is so much more than healthy eating and losing weight. I want to get away from the party lifestyle that I was previously experiencing, it is great fun but there is only so much abuse your body can take! Thanks for refreshing that in my mind as it can wander to just thinking about the weight loss and “diet”. I hope you enjoy following my blog and journey to a successful happy and healthier life.

  4. Thank you for following my blog! I hope I can somehow contribute to your new healthy lifestyle – please feel free to leave me comments if you try my dishes, and let me know if you make any changes or improvements.

    • I will be looking for healthy recipes for the next phase of my lifestyle and weight loss revolution so will be looking for inspiration 🙂

    • Thank you for your support, no matter how tough it is, I feel as though I am unbreakable! The emotional and psychological side of this lifestyle and weight loss revolution is the key component to success.

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