Stack The Odds In Your Favour!


I have got into the habit of preparing tomorrow’s breakfast the night before. This gives me an extra 15 minutes in bed and reduces my stress running around the apartment in the morning. I try and minimise the stressful situations in my life to maximise my chance of success. You have to manage stress in a positive way and implement practices that reduce it. You can be a success in anything you want to be, just take the time to stack the odds in your favour. If you can reduce risk and stress through proper planning – then spend the time! Stack the odds of success in your favour.



2 responses to “Stack The Odds In Your Favour!

  1. Preparation is key. I take a selection of healthy snacks to work every day, fruit, seeds, nuts that kind of thing, all weighed out in little bags. Stops me resorting to the chocolate and sweets and lets me eat little and often which works for me 🙂

  2. In my line of work strategic planning is a key component to success, I am applying this logic to my weight loss revolution and it seems to be working!

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