Day 17 – Good Results

I went to the doctor last week to take a range of tests to assess my overall health and to provide me with a starting point and key metrics to follow on my weight loss journey. My brother had recommended to me previously to get this done which I was apprehensive to do. Partly because I don’t like going to the doctors and partly because I don’t like being told brutal truths. This time though I thought I would proactive as I had already started my weight loss journey and could show to the doctor that I understood the severity of my condition and that I was doing something about it before I hit 30 in a pre-emptive strike at ill health. I spoke at length with the doctor about my strategy and how I plan to execute this weight loss project. And that was another key point, the fact that my attempt to lose weight was being defined as a project. I have a clear end goal, a happy healthier me – defining the project policy & mission, now how do we strategically plan to get there. In the planning phase you need to assess risks, your requirements and the management program outlining how you will succeed. I did my risk assessment by going to the doctor and speaking to a friend of mine who is a nutritionist, my requirements are my end weight goal and vital statistics from the doctor and my management program is the plan I have devised on how to tackle the project in incremental phases both from the eating and physical fitness side. After you have planned your project you need to execute it. To do that I look at the people on the project team, family, partner, friends, personal trainer, doctor and nutritionist and define what their roles and responsibilities are and ensure that they are suitably trained on my expectations and requirements. I then need to focus on communications, how do people know about the project process, what documentation/paperwork is needed and the schedule that I am executing to. After execution I will continue to measure and evaluate performance, keeping track of where I currently am, where I need to go, identifying problems and fixing them with solutions. I am aiming to take a continuous improvement process approach and analyse the root cause of failure if and when it happens. It is imperative that I assess the decision making process and keep myself on the right path to success. As with every project I am going to have to deal with Murphy’s Law, but as long as I have a contingency plan in place I am sure there is nothing that will prevent me from being a success and achieving my goal.

The results from the doctor came in today and they were good apart from slightly high lipids which I will tackle with losing weight. Cholesterol, blood sugar etc were all good however I attribute that to being under 30 and am not kidding myself that I can continue to live my life the way it was without intervention.

Let me know what problems you have with your health and how you have managed to tackle it through weight loss, I would find it interesting to see the extent to which people can improve their health through the weight loss process.



15 responses to “Day 17 – Good Results

  1. I used to get great bills of health before I got into my 40s. Then it was high blood pressure and eventually type 2 diabetes, which went up and down. When I got very serious, nine weeks ago, my goal was to be off metformin, diabetes meds, and lower my blood pressure meds by my 50th birthday at the end of this year. I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been off diabetes meds for the past five weeks! My blood pressure medication is in adaption presently. A little weight loss helped tremendously, no doubt being able to somewhat more active has aided as well. Remember that shedding 10% of your body weight does much for one’s health. Glad you went to the doctor and all is well.

  2. Diet can control nearly everything in your life. I have Crohn’s disease and have been off meds for 15 yrs, using only what I eat to control it. I started with a new GI Doc recently and he was amazed at how well in hand I had the disease. When asked what I was doing, I told him i used my eating habits to take back my life. He was really pleased.
    Exercise and eat right, and the sky is the limit. Check out my blog if you want tips on either one, or just contact me through a comment. I’d be glad to help.

    • Thanks for your offer of help, will definitely take you up on that! I have suffered from acid reflux for years and would love to come off my medication for it, that is one of my goals on this lifestyle revolution.

  3. Good work! Keep it up! As I have shared on my blog, my problem was never one of weight. I have always been small. My issues have to do with just not feeling good all the time – joint pain, headaches, etc. Now that I’ve figured out some of the foods that bother me, I have eliminated them and am feeling a ton better. That’s actually something I might recommend for you to try after you finish your juicing and reach your goal weight. Over the past several months I have really learned that not all foods work for all people – some just aggravate your symptoms and should be avoided. Actually one symptom of a food intolerance is weight gain! So, if you were to do an elimination diet after this, it might help ensure that you continue to feel good. Plus, since your body will already be cleansed of junk, I imagine you probably won’t have as tough a time as I did and might be able to go faster than I have. Just might be something to consider

    • It is interesting that you mention about food intolerance, I spoke to a friend of mine this week who is a nutritionist about food intolerance, we are going to arrange a test when I am home in a few months. I will let you know if the test reveals anything that I don’t know already πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tip!

  4. That’s great work! Well done.
    Before I lost weight I had terrible back pain (exacerbated by a previous injury), lost weight and hey presto, no more back problems.
    This must be a great incentive for you to keep going πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Hi there, firstly may i thank you for following my ‘ project’ as well! I like your turn of phrase there. Its interesting to hear your comments about doctors. I’m amazed that my local doctor has never sat me down and stated the obvious and frightened me almost to death about the consequences of not changing my eating habits. not once did he say, ”Mr Cheetah, you’re a fat bastard and your days are numbered”.

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