Day 18 – Support & Encouragement

The support that I am getting from my partner, family and friends is a great driver for me. The additional support from my new friends on WordPress has been an unexpected boost 🙂 Everyone’s kind comments and support have been fantastic and I enjoy interacting with you all, listening to your advice and guidance. One key concept that I have learnt the hard way (ask my dad!) is that you don’t know it all and that experience is a valuable thing. I appreciate the support and look forward to swapping recipes, stories and achievements with you all 🙂

I am another day down and still right on track, motivated to succeed and achieve my goal. It has been a really tough week at work and I have not been tempted to hit the pub after work or eat emotionally, I think this is because I am so focused however I will need to continue to work on my thought and decision making process to ensure that I do not slip. This time I am determined to succeed, in the past I have come close to cracking the change in lifestyle but never followed through. I want to get there and I want to be happy and healthy.



12 responses to “Day 18 – Support & Encouragement

  1. You are doing just great! I struggle also. I just keep telling myself when I slip that life is about constantly recommitting. I am really enjoying your blog.

  2. Support and encouragement is everything! It makes goals and dreams much more feasible to accomplish. You are on the right track by understanding this is not something you can do alone! 🙂

  3. You are doing wonderfully! You may consider starting a gratitude journal that you right in at the beginning and end of the day. It is impossible to be in gratitude and think negatively at the same time. The more you remind yourself what you are grateful for, the more you see to be grateful for. It’s quite circular!

  4. Support and staying positive are great ways your friends and family can cheer you on, motivation is something you derive from your soul. Best wishes to you, and I believe you can do what ever it is you seek to accomplish!

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