Day 20 – The Cinema

I went to see the new Sandra Bullock film at the Essentai Mall cinema in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Now I don’t got to the movies often but when I do I enjoy a large Sprite, popcorn sweets and anything else that I can carry with two hands! Today was different however, today I had a sparkling water. Did I miss gorging on unhealthy products whilst watching the film? not really. Did I enjoy the fact that another good decision made has increased my win streak to 20 days? But of course!

A lot of discussion on this blog centers around the weight loss approach I am using obviously, however there is more and more interaction on the emotional and psychological side. And I think that is the key concept. Whatever diet you use will result in weight loss, some faster than others but the key to success is ensuring you stay focused on the lifestyle change and decision making process. Get into the habit of eating healthy and exercising, look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I don’t want this anymore’. For me I have got bored with being overweight and unhealthy, there is only so long you can do it before you cause serious damage. You need to stop making excuses and go do it, go get what you want. All of us on this journey want the same result but it takes hard work and dedication. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself. If you are not 100% motivated and determined to succeed then you wont. Once you have created that vision in your mind of what you want, then go out there and get it. I keep picturing myself crossing the line at the London Marathon. I will execute that vision and do it. I will do it not only for my health but for my personal satisfaction, what a great story to tell someone you lost 150+ pounds and finished the journey by running the London marathon – what a great experience to have and what intense satisfaction. We can ALL do this.

What is your motivation? What makes you so determined to succeed? What is your thought process and decision making strategy?



6 responses to “Day 20 – The Cinema

  1. I applaud your decision to make a change. I think it is great that at a certain point in our lives we want to change what is not working for us. I have a son of 29 years old and he has gained a lot of weight and I can’t help myself from telling him, that what he is doing is dangerous for his health. Every time I see him he seams to be bigger. But I think that the next time I see him I won’t say anything I don’t want to hurt his feelings and remind him all the time that I think he is over weight. Actualy I really don’t know how to react but I worry for his health. I know he will only do something till he decides it’s time.

    • Instead of ignoring the situation with your son or approaching him directly out of fear of hurting his feelings, why don’t you introduce him to my blog and show him someone who is in the same position and what they are doing to change it.

  2. Great work! It can really be a struggle. I’ve been seen bailing from the drive thru line at DQ when they ask “May I take your order?” Breaking bad habits is even harder than forming new ones.

  3. Congratulations on your decision to be healthier! I love that your motivation besides getting healthy is to run the London Marathon. Keep looking to that goal and you will surely make it!

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