Day 21 – And Relax!

Today I did nothing. It was awesome!

One of the key things that I have been sure to do during my current lifestyle and weight loss revolution, is to take sufficient rest to make sure my body is recovering from the exertion of all the fat that it is burning. This is my favourite part of my lifestyle and weight loss revolution lol! Not only does your body need to be physically rested at intervals during the week it is also imperative that you relax emotionally and psychologically.

I am still 100% committed to the end goal and working hard to achieve it. I tried on a shirt that I got tailored several years ago and haven’t been able to fit into for the last two years – it fit which was a great motivator – that means I am transitioning from one wardrobe into another. I have to make sure I have a wardrobe for the next size down…most of all I am looking forward to walking into a ‘normal’ shop and purchasing clothes off the rack without the guilty feeling of whether they will have my size or not.

What are the small things in your lifestyle and weight loss journey are big motivators for you?




4 responses to “Day 21 – And Relax!

  1. Your wardrobe comments hit home, I buy my office suits from High and Mighty in London. I just don’t wish to be shopping there,I want to be able to go to the mainstream stores and buy off the rack!
    BTW my blog is now at

  2. I too am enjoying the non scale victories, getting into clothes I haven’t been able to either EVER wear or can fit into again since they’ve been in my closet for so long. I have one item, a jacket, that I haven’t been able to wear since my arms are too big. Last time I put it on, I thought I would rip it like the Hulk if I bent my arms. I put it on last week and I can actually bed my arms and not feel like it’s going to rip off, the fabric actually moves! All those weights workouts and weekend kayaking trips are paying off!!

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