Weekly Photo Update – Week 3





So we have reached the beginning of week 3. The first two weeks have gone extremely well and I am still focused and determined to reach my goal. I would say that I have been lucky that I have got this far without failing but that would be a lie. It is not luck it is pure hard work. You can have anything you want in life as long as you work hard and make sacrifices. I want to be fit, happy and healthy so I am working as hard as I can to become that. It is imperative that you find ways around your lack of time and laziness, for example every week I get my fruit and veg delivered to save me from going shopping which I hate with a passion. I am not comfortable with going to the gym yet with my current weight and ability so I am building up to that by playing on the Kinect and using a fitness program. It is all about little changes that ultimately build up to make big changes. I am now in the habit of coming home and juicing straight after work which is great as I have a routine.

Work has been tough, I had a heated discussion with my boss which put me in a bad mood for the day. Usually I would have gone straight down the pub after work had a few scotches and put the world to right but this time I didn’t. I went home and started juicing. I don’t know where this extra strength and determination to succeed is coming from but it is fantastic. I think it comes down to the realization that you can be anything you want to be, you just have to make the right decisions. If I do x will it affect my goal of y? If x is going to affect y then don’t do it. It is a logical process but the difficulty is that our judgement is clouded at times by stress, peer pressure or insecurities. As long as we fight these things that impact our judgement then it is possible to be anyone that you want to be.

To everyone that is joining me on my journey and is in the same position, a mountain to climb and experiencing a heavy doubt that this mountain cannot be climbed, remember every success story started with an action. Be that action, without that action you will never succeed, don’t be afraid and manage your fears. I have a long way to go but I have visualized the end goal, I know what I want and I know what hard work is in store in order to get there but my key driver behind my journey is life. I love life and I love being David Donnelly. I want to experience as much of it as I can. If you have a moment of weakness, before you act question the decision, don’t make it instantly, take your time and analyse it. Once you do that you will have your answer and motivation. If you are still struggling with this process talk to me and let me know, maybe by talking through the process you will come to a positive conclusion and become more motivated.


I am not tired of the diet yet, yes I miss nice food and drink but I am maintaining my focus and trying as hard as I can to visualize the end goal. I know there is going to come a point in the near future where I do start to get bored and tired with the diet, my concern is when I reach that phase how do I cope with stress without resorting to a food binge or a bottle. Stress is a big factor in dieting, whether it is at work or in your personal life, when you start to worry you crave for comfort and one way of comfort is food. I am going to have to work out other ways in which to get comfort apart from food, maybe exercise? maybe a new hobby?

As for physically, I am constantly shattered. I go to bed early and I am still tired. When researching a juice diet, I found that I could expect an increase in my energy levels. This has not been the case and I need to have a think why. I have cut out coffee so am missing my morning pick up, has anyone got any ideas on how to replace that boost in the morning?


I went to the doctor last week to take a range of tests to assess my overall health and to provide me with a starting point and key metrics to follow on my weight loss journey. My brother had recommended to me previously to get this done which I was apprehensive to do. Partly because I don’t like going to the doctors and partly because I don’t like being told brutal truths. This time though I thought I would proactive as I had already started my weight loss journey and could show to the doctor that I understood the severity of my condition and that I was doing something about it before I hit 30 in a pre-emptive strike at ill health. I spoke at length with the doctor about my strategy and how I plan to execute this weight loss project. And that was another key point, the fact that my attempt to lose weight was being defined as a project. I have a clear end goal, a happy healthier me – defining the project policy & mission, now how do we strategically plan to get there. In the planning phase you need to assess risks, your requirements and the management program outlining how you will succeed. I did my risk assessment by going to the doctor and speaking to a friend of mine who is a nutritionist, my requirements are my end weight goal and vital statistics from the doctor and my management program is the plan I have devised on how to tackle the project in incremental phases both from the eating and physical fitness side. After you have planned your project you need to execute it. To do that I look at the people on the project team, family, partner, friends, personal trainer, doctor and nutritionist and define what their roles and responsibilities are and ensure that they are suitably trained on my expectations and requirements. I then need to focus on communications, how do people know about the project process, what documentation/paperwork is needed and the schedule that I am executing to. After execution I will continue to measure and evaluate performance, keeping track of where I currently am, where I need to go, identifying problems and fixing them with solutions. I am aiming to take a continuous improvement process approach and analyse the root cause of failure if and when it happens. It is imperative that I assess the decision making process and keep myself on the right path to success. As with every project I am going to have to deal with Murphy’s Law, but as long as I have a contingency plan in place I am sure there is nothing that will prevent me from being a success and achieving my goal.

The results from the doctor came in today and they were good apart from slightly high lipids which I will tackle with losing weight. Cholesterol, blood sugar etc were all good however I attribute that to being under 30 and am not kidding myself that I can continue to live my life the way it was without intervention.

Let me know what problems you have with your health and how you have managed to tackle it through weight loss, I would find it interesting to see the extent to which people can improve their health through the weight loss process.


The support that I am getting from my partner, family and friends is a great driver for me. The additional support from my new friends on WordPress has been an unexpected boost :) Everyone’s kind comments and support have been fantastic and I enjoy interacting with you all, listening to your advice and guidance. One key concept that I have learned the hard way (ask my dad!) is that you don’t know it all and that experience is a valuable thing. I appreciate the support and look forward to swapping recipes, stories and achievements with you all :)

I am another day down and still right on track, motivated to succeed and achieve my goal. It has been a really tough week at work and I have not been tempted to hit the pub after work or eat emotionally, I think this is because I am so focused however I will need to continue to work on my thought and decision making process to ensure that I do not slip. This time I am determined to succeed, in the past I have come close to cracking the change in lifestyle but never followed through. I want to get there and I want to be happy and healthy.


Today I traveled to a former Soviet Biological Weapons factory in the middle of the Kazakhstan countryside, I have been doing this trip for the last two years and always enjoy stopping at a road side cafe that sells the most rustic Kazakh food which is delicious and I can never resist. Today was different though, I was prepared. I ensured that I made my juice the night before, stored it in the fridge and packed it for my journey. When it came time to stop I removed myself from temptation and stayed in the van and watched the David Attenborough documentary Planet Earth whilst sipping on a juice.

The concept that I am applying here is one of self-discipline and organization. In my line of business strategic planning is the second step towards success after identifying where we are and where we need to be. It is imperative that the road map to success is planned to ensure that there is a path forward. To quote a certain Forrest Gump “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re unlikely to end up there.” I first saw that on a poster in my Dad’s home office and have lost count of the number of times I have used it in my professional career. This is the first time that I have used the tools and techniques for success in my career and applied then to my lifestyle and weight loss project. If it works for me professionally why can’t it work for me personally?

What lifestyle and weight loss management techniques do you use both from a planning and psychological point?


I went to see the new Sandra Bullock film at the Essentai Mall cinema in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Now I don’t got to the movies often but when I do I enjoy a large Sprite, popcorn sweets and anything else that I can carry with two hands! Today was different however, today I had a sparkling water. Did I miss gorging on unhealthy products whilst watching the film? not really. Did I enjoy the fact that another good decision made has increased my win streak to 20 days? But of course!

A lot of discussion on this blog centers around the weight loss approach I am using obviously, however there is more and more interaction on the emotional and psychological side. And I think that is the key concept. Whatever diet you use will result in weight loss, some faster than others but the key to success is ensuring you stay focused on the lifestyle change and decision making process. Get into the habit of eating healthy and exercising, look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I don’t want this anymore’. For me I have got bored with being overweight and unhealthy, there is only so long you can do it before you cause serious damage. You need to stop making excuses and go do it, go get what you want. All of us on this journey want the same result but it takes hard work and dedication. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself. If you are not 100% motivated and determined to succeed then you wont. Once you have created that vision in your mind of what you want, then go out there and get it. I keep picturing myself crossing the line at the London Marathon. I will execute that vision and do it. I will do it not only for my health but for my personal satisfaction, what a great story to tell someone you lost 150+ pounds and finished the journey by running the London marathon – what a great experience to have and what intense satisfaction. We can ALL do this.

What is your motivation? What makes you so determined to succeed? What is your thought process and decision making strategy?


Today I did nothing. It was awesome!

One of the key things that I have been sure to do during my current lifestyle and weight loss revolution, is to take sufficient rest to make sure my body is recovering from the exertion of all the fat that it is burning. This is my favourite part of my lifestyle and weight loss revolution lol! Not only does your body need to be physically rested at intervals during the week it is also imperative that you relax emotionally and psychologically.

I am still 100% committed to the end goal and working hard to achieve it. I tried on a shirt that I got tailored several years ago and haven’t been able to fit into for the last two years – it fit which was a great motivator – that means I am transitioning from one wardrobe into another. I have to make sure I have a wardrobe for the next size down…most of all I am looking forward to walking into a ‘normal’ shop and purchasing clothes off the rack without the guilty feeling of whether they will have my size or not.

What are the small things in your lifestyle and weight loss journey are big motivators for you?

week 3



12 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 3

  1. I was reading your journal from day 16 about your loss of energy and I was thinking that if you have access to vitamin supplements I would highly suggest to look into buying some green tea extracts – they boost your metabolism and give you an energy kick, caffeine free! And you can take up to 6 a day, 2 per meal 3 times a day. It’s really helped me out as far as energy goes. Especially right before a workout! By the way you’re looking great, keep it up sir!

  2. You are doing great and I am super proud of you. Do you have planet fitness where you live. If so, it is a judgment free zone. I weigh more than you and I have not felt uncomfortable at all. I have a proposal for you. On my blog, I like to feature other people and their journeys (it helps people see different ways of getting to the same place). If you want to write your journey and send it via e-mail (jsamt99@gmail.com) I will post it with a link to your blog. This way we can help each other out. Let me know. And keep up the good work.

  3. wow! You’re doing amazing! Willpower is such a powerful thing, it can be really hard to muster up but can make such major differences! Love reading your journey, 🙂

  4. Hi David not sure if you remember me from Crosshell (!) lol, anyway your mum told me about your blog, glad she did as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It makes great sense to me and you are very motivational in a solid educated approach, above all your abject honesty is refreshing. Keep up the god work and thank you, I will look forward to your updates!

  5. Ha ha David – typo! meant good work and not god – but hey you never know, divine intervention and all that!

  6. David, I am newly following your blog and would like to congratulate you on your progress and journey! This is not easy and the way you are doing it is fantastic! I can only imagine the struggles of juicing only. I was once over weight and started seeing issues. I am in my late 20s (and male). I was about to push over the 200 pound mark and started having back/neck pain, knee pain, trouble sleeping, etc. My blood pressure was even a tad high for my age (130s/x). After much research and reading labels and more research, I have lost near 38 pounds, and am down to a consistent 165. 🙂 I exercise off and now, I need to do more, but I control my weight mainly by diet, and my stress by trusting in God and meditation techniques. By diet, I mean grain/gluten free, limited dairy, and a low glycemic index diet. I am studying to be a preventative holistic health coach and nutritional educator. I am going to start my own business by the end of the year.

    I encourage you to keep up your work and push through. And stop by my blog/ Facebook page, as I am always adding helpful info and scientific proof of different things (gluten, sugar, corn syrup, GMOs, etc). And feel free to email me questions or comment on the blog (or Facebook page once you ‘Like’ it). Keep pressing on! 🙂

    • Thanks for you detailed comments, would like to discuss more about starting your own business and expertise 🙂 I will drop you an email.

      • David,
        Sounds good! Anytime you’d like. RethinkLifestyles@gmail.com. Starting out on a journey as you are can be very frustrating and confusing, especially if you start to plateau and your weight isn’t dropping quick anymore. Or you are sick of eating the same things (i know you’re juicing, but still). Feel free to email and ask questions. Learning can be fun and theres so much to learn about lifestyle changes. 🙂 Plus, health isn’t all about diet. It may start there, but we need to take care of our mind and soul, too. Having a guide/couch/ or just someone who is a tad farther ahead to bounce questions off is always good. Oh, and on my homepage you’ll see a facebook icon to the FB page. If you have access, ‘Like’ it so comments and sharing info can be easier/faster. Good luck and I look forward to your emails. 🙂

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