Day 23 – Starting To Sink In

Today was another good day, however the magnitude of the task in hand over the next 9 months is just starting to sink in. The goal of running the London Marathon by April next year is a big one, achievable but a big one. It is going to take intense dedication and commitment, however I know that I have the discipline to do that. My mindset is finally right, I am doing this for me and the end goal is greater than any temptation that may get in the way.

I emailed my best friend to let him know that firstly I am doing this blog and secondly that I was planning on running the London Marathon. I think it took him somewhat by surprise but he was very supportive and gave me some advice on preparing for the marathon (I think him having a degree in sports science is going to be very helpful on this journey!)

An essential part in ensuring success is going to be the ability to execute. You can have all the best laid plans but if you are not dedicated enough to follow the plan and execute then you will not succeed. I liken this to the Program that I am currently working on in Kazakhstan, we have lots of plans and people are excellent at talking about how things should be done but nobody actually does it! I am putting my plan in place and in order to succeed I am going to make sure that I execute it!



10 responses to “Day 23 – Starting To Sink In

  1. I am so excited for you that you are doing this for YOU!!! So often we get caught up on trying to please other people or compare our progress to others…just remember “everyday you are one step closer to making it happen!”

  2. Do you have a place in the London Marathon? They’re really hard to come by. I’m a marathon walker and can’t imagine for a second running it but either way training is key!

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