3 Months From Now!

don't quit


14 responses to “3 Months From Now!

  1. This is so true, even for me! I am on a mission to reach 20% body fat, when I first started I said I was going to give myself 90 days, I am getting frustrated because the process is so slow…I had to remind myself on Monday that I am only half way through the 90 days and I am loving the direction my body is going! Amazing.

    • That is great to hear Lindsay 🙂 I have no put a time frame on my weight loss as it is a change in my approach to living life and I won’t change back to my old habits. I don’t want to be ill because of my life choices, it is all about being happy and healthy 🙂

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  3. in fact its a very good instrument .. having a picture of what you want to achieve,where you wanna be shape-wise… like everytime when i want to eat sweets i look at the picture (smth similar to one you posted) and it keeps my determination back ..

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