Day 26 – The First Taste Of My Previous Life

I went out on Friday night with some friends to a karaoke bar – it is the first time that I have put myself into a situation akin to my previous lifestyle. I was disciplined, drank sparkling water and joined in with the fun. Am I as confident without the alcohol in me when it is my turn to get up and sing? – no, but that is good. I am not masking my personality, what you see is what you get. I am positive the confidence will grow as the weight falls off.

Confidence is such a big issue with being over weight, it is the first thing that other people see and you are automatically judged without them knowing you. It is like having your biggest personal issue on display to everyone. This I am sure is the cause for depression and continual over eating. It is a vicious circle, you are not happy so you over eat, eating makes you overweight which causes your unhappiness. It is imperative that you break that circle, accept the fact that in the interim you are still going to feel insecure about your size as this is going to pass very quickly. As soon as you put the effort into changing your lifestyle people notice, the weight falls off and the compliments start. Just make sure that when the compliments start you acknowledge with a smile on your face and keep that positive feeling in a safe place for when you need it. It is important that you don’t get carried away and think you have reached your target before you have, becoming complacent and resting on your laurels – keep focused and keep strong. The target is not the weight loss but the change in your lifestyle. It is not a temporary fix, accept the fact that you will be on a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life. It isn’t going to take two minutes, but the hard work, sacrifice and dedication are all worth it when the guilt of being overweight has subsided and you can move forward in your happy and healthy life without the constant fear of the doctor and knowing that you didn’t live your life to the full.

Are you ready to make the commitment not only to lose weight and ensure it stays off but also change your lifestyle for good and be happy & healthy?



4 responses to “Day 26 – The First Taste Of My Previous Life

  1. It is certainly a change for life. Anyone who thinks a diet is a temporary thing is going to be on a yo yo ride for sure. As someone who doesn’t really like to drink, alcohol was never something I had to give up but I know it’s the cause of am y spectacular callings off the wagon! Well done for resisting 🙂

    • You are certainly right, this is a complete and permanent lifestyle change not just a weight loss process 🙂 I have always enjoyed a good night out partying with the lads and alcohol has always been the centre of that, it is now time to move on and change my lifestyle for the better!

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