Day 27 & 28 – Mental Preparation & Relaxation

I spent this weekend working on my MBA dissertation and relaxing. The British Open has been on as has the Ashes and I have been glued to the TV! I can’t wait to get back out on the golf course or cricket pitch. I love watching and playing sport and over the last few years I have not been playing anywhere near the amount I should be due to not having the fitness to do so. It is so frustrating and disappointing when you can’t be involved in something that you love because of the restrictions placed upon you by your size.

What do you miss doing that you can’t because of your weight and fitness?

P.S. Another two great days, still focused, strong and determined to succeed!



13 responses to “Day 27 & 28 – Mental Preparation & Relaxation

    • I really miss playing and although I contribute financially to my home club back in England it is not the same as getting out on the field experiencing the competition and enjoyment of playing 🙂

  1. Hopefully this will encourage you to get back into the field :). It is silly however that u can’t play for now. I am excited to start working out again this week because I had no time last week, and I still stop measure myself everyday. I’ll try at least hehe 🙂 I tagged you in my last post btw

    • It does encouragement to get back playing 🙂 I’m glad you are excited about working out this week, keep motivated – do you have a workout plan that you follow? I started my marathon training this morning, up at 6 am before work! Thanks for mentioning me in your last post, let me know how you get on 🙂

      • I love working out, the problem I usually have is, I either have no time or I’m too tired after work. To avoid this problem I either workout early before work, and if I have free time I workout after. I try, to vary my workouts but I usually walk for an hr at a fast pace, sometimes I do intense workouts at home by doing a workout I find on youtube. Or when I am not in the mood for doing any type of workout I just put some nice music one and dance hehe. Also good luck on training for the marathon, that is really cool. If they do a marathon here in Malta might I might try it out. 🙂

      • I have put together a plan for my workouts just like I have with my juicing – I know what I have to do and I know when I have to do it, I just stick to the plan and that way I know that I am guaranteed success! Funny that you live in Malta, when I was working in Libya I use to spend a lot of my weekends in Saint Julian!

      • That is great 🙂 I plan the hours of workouts but I do not plan the workouts themselves as I like to vary, so it doesn’t get boring. It seems like you travel a lot, which is cool, I hope you liked Malta, St Julians is very popular by tourists, it has a good night life and beaches. I am not from there but I do go there on weekends especially in summer.

      • hehe not yet unfortunately but I know it’s great 🙂 I think I might cry if I get to watch a musical, it’s always been a dream of mine 😀

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