Weekly Photo Update – Week 4


Today was another solid day. One more day down and one day closer to my target.

I have spoken previously about how I want to run the London Marathon, I have also spoken previously about being able to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. Well today I made the first huge step to becoming who I want to be and achieving something unheard of a mere 22 days ago – today I was accepted to run on behalf of Buttle UK, who have been helping children and young people in need across the UK since 1953 with their grant programs. I am exceptionally proud to represent Buttle UK and I cannot wait to get on that starting line in April 2014.

The extent of the task in hand hasn’t really sunk in yet. How does a man go from 150+ kilos to running a marathon in a year? I have a rough idea how I am going to achieve this but I know one thing for sure I am the man to do it! It is going to take significant mental, emotional and physical endurance but I am determined to succeed, I keep imagining the feeling of achievement and elation when I cross the finish line, that is going to make all the hard work, sacrifices and dedication worthwhile. I want people to look at me and be inspired to change their lifestyle, lose weight and achieve their goals. If I can do it then anyone can.

What are your lifestyle and weight loss goals? What do you want to be able to do that you can’t now? What is your key motivator for success?


Today was another good day, however the magnitude of the task in hand over the next 9 months is just starting to sink in. The goal of running the London Marathon by April next year is a big one, achievable but a big one. It is going to take intense dedication and commitment, however I know that I have the discipline to do that. My mindset is finally right, I am doing this for me and the end goal is greater than any temptation that may get in the way.

I emailed my best friend to let him know that firstly I am doing this blog and secondly that I was planning on running the London Marathon. I think it took him somewhat by surprise but he was very supportive and gave me some advice on preparing for the marathon (I think him having a degree in sports science is going to be very helpful on this journey!)

An essential part in ensuring success is going to be the ability to execute. You can have all the best laid plans but if you are not dedicated enough to follow the plan and execute then you will not succeed. I liken this to the Program that I am currently working on in Kazakhstan, we have lots of plans and people are excellent at talking about how things should be done but nobody actually does it! I am putting my plan in place and in order to succeed I am going to make sure that I execute it!


Today was a reasonable day at work, however once work had finished the day started to test my patience. I was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes longer than usual on the way home and I was to meet my landlady who then preceded to be late and spend ages talking! All I could think about was my daily juicing marathon after work where I prepare my evening juices and the next day’s breakfast and lunch. This usually takes me anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half but today it felt more like 10 hours. It was the first time I thought to myself I can’t be bothered with this – I could murder a burger! However instead of taking my frustration out on being unhealthy I decided to finish my juicing, head out for a walk and get an early nights sleep! How times have changed! My motivation was my strength, willpower and determination to succeed. It is easy to overcome these negative thoughts if you give yourself a little pep talk. What do I want more even if I am frustrated, tired and stressed, being unhealthy or crossing the finishing line in next year’s London Marathon. It’s an easy decision isn’t it…


I weighed myself once at the very beginning of this lifestyle and weight loss revolution, I haven’t done since. This is the first time that I have undergone a weight loss project without having a weekly weigh in and it has been the best decision I have made. My reasoning behind the decision is that every weigh in session has the potential for de-motivation and a negative response. If I have been good all week, stuck to my plan and am really positive about the weigh in and I don’t lose as much as I had hoped or stayed the same, then the level of disappointment is exacerbated. This disappointment can result in negative thoughts i.e. what is the point? I am never going to get there! I work hard and this is all I get! In order to avoid negativity in pursuit of my weight loss and lifestyle success I have eliminated a potentially negative scenario. Does it matter if I weigh 250 or 251 pounds? For me all I care about is how I look , whether I am staying on track and how much closer to the goal I am. I take positivity extremely seriously and think that in order to succeed that you need to have a determined and positive mindset. As soon as you allow negativity into the thought process you have begun the process of losing.

Today was another good day, one more day down. I feel good, I am 4 notches down on my belt and I am wearing shirts that I haven’t worn for quite some time. The process is happening, I don’t need the scales to confirm that…


I went out on Friday night with some friends to a karaoke bar – it is the first time that I have put myself into a situation akin to my previous lifestyle. I was disciplined, drank sparkling water and joined in with the fun. Am I as confident without the alcohol in me when it is my turn to get up and sing? – no, but that is good. I am not masking my personality, what you see is what you get. I am positive the confidence will grow as the weight falls off.

Confidence is such a big issue with being over weight, it is the first thing that other people see and you are automatically judged without them knowing you. It is like having your biggest personal issue on display to everyone. This I am sure is the cause for depression and continual over eating. It is a vicious circle, you are not happy so you over eat, eating makes you overweight which causes your unhappiness. It is imperative that you break that circle, accept the fact that in the interim you are still going to feel insecure about your size as this is going to pass very quickly. As soon as you put the effort into changing your lifestyle people notice, the weight falls off and the compliments start. Just make sure that when the compliments start you acknowledge with a smile on your face and keep that positive feeling in a safe place for when you need it. It is important that you don’t get carried away and think you have reached your target before you have, becoming complacent and resting on your laurels – keep focused and keep strong. The target is not the weight loss but the change in your lifestyle. It is not a temporary fix, accept the fact that you will be on a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life. It isn’t going to take two minutes, but the hard work, sacrifice and dedication are all worth it when the guilt of being overweight has subsided and you can move forward in your happy and healthy life without the constant fear of the doctor and knowing that you didn’t live your life to the full.

Are you ready to make the commitment not only to lose weight and ensure it stays off but also change your lifestyle for good and be happy & healthy?


I spent this weekend working on my MBA dissertation and relaxing. The British Open has been on as has the Ashes and I have been glued to the TV! I can’t wait to get back out on the golf course or cricket pitch. I love watching and playing sport and over the last few years I have not been playing anywhere near the amount I should be due to not having the fitness to do so. It is so frustrating and disappointing when you can’t be involved in something that you love because of the restrictions placed upon you by your size.

What do you miss doing that you can’t because of your weight and fitness?

P.S. Another two great days, still focused, strong and determined to succeed!

week 4


10 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 4

  1. You should place all of the photos next to each other, you would be shocked by the results. 🙂

  2. your journey is really inspiring! i actually signed up for the london marathon lottery a while back and will know the results of whether i get in in oct. crazy huh~ a good way to life is moving forward and improving upon what you can as you learn more. your decision to make it a lifestyle decision and improvement on caring about your health and well being is certainly the way to look at it. weight loss is the whip cream and cherry. anyway, i cant wait to see your post in april at the end of the finish line.

  3. Congrats on the marathon! Don’t let the stress of dropping the weight get to you. Just keep focused and do what you do. We focus harder and are much more motivated when we are against the wall. Its your time now! 🙂

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