Day 30 – Half Way Through Phase 1

The weight loss and lifestyle change management plan that I have devised and in the process of executing is split into 4 phases. The first phase which I am currently halfway through is a 60 day juice fast and reintroduction to exercise. Today I have reached the half way point. It has flown past and I haven’t slipped up once, I am enjoying feeling better and the extra energy plus extremely motivated and determined to continue and reach my final goal of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I have decided to break the pursuit of my goal into more manageable pieces. On previous attempts to lose weight I have always crashed at around the 3 month mark and I think this can be attributed to not having a structured framework to follow but also out of boredom. I once tried a VLC diet and lost a considerable amount in a very short period, this was great until I strayed. Due to the fact that I was restricted in what I was allowed to eat, when I slipped it was big as I had felt deprived and the emotional guilt was intensified. By breaking this attempt into 4 smaller stages I am reintroducing myself to food but the right types of food in a controlled way whilst focusing on continued weight loss. For example in the second phase I will eat lean protein, vegetables and low GI carbs alongside juicing, allowing me to have the benefit of all the goodness of juicing whilst introducing protein to help with the increase in physical activity.

Today was another good day and the feeling of saying that does not get boring…

half way there


10 responses to “Day 30 – Half Way Through Phase 1

  1. Even-though I do not believe in juicing or any type of diet, I am happy you found something suits your lifestyle. I believe in changing your lifestyle rather than dieting, eating healthy and exercise so I do my best to prepare healthy meals for work and exercise as much as I can :). I have learned a lot since starting on this journey and your head definitely has to be in it. Once your head is in it, you are able to succeed in anything.

  2. You’re doing really well David, keep at it. I’m enjoying reading your blog and look forward to the next ones. 😉

  3. Congratulations on your continued success! Please do remember by phase four, if not phase three, to add in the flavors you like. Most of us can lose weight and have trouble maintaining. That’s because we lost it in a way that can’t be an enjoyable lifestyle. We get to enjoy food and have it be good!

    • I agree with you Vicki, I will slowly introduce the things I like in stages three and four depending on their type – and of course they will be introduced in moderation! Thanks for the advice 🙂

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