Day 31 – Perserverance

A key concept on this journey is the need to develop a plan and adhere to it. It is so easy to deviate from a plan, it is even easier to deviate if there is no plan! What I have been focussed on is ensuring that I have a structured, documented plan that I follow religiously. I have mapped this plan onto a project schedule which outlines when I have to eat, what I have to eat, when I have to train and what type of training I need to do. It even goes so far as scheduling when I order food to be delivered to my apartment through a stock management process. By covering every aspect of the weight loss and lifestyle change process I am able to reduce the amount of thinking involved and ensure that the decision making process is all but eliminated. When you allow yourself to be exposed to the decision making process then you increase the risk and likelihood of making a bad decision. The more decisions that you make the more likely you are to make that bad decision which causes you to increase the potential of failing. Exposing yourself continually to bad decisions results in these bad decisions become a habit, when it becomes a habit it then becomes the norm. When your bad habits become the norm then you are not going to succeed. I am trying to eliminate all possibility of failure – to create the perfect weight loss and lifestyle change process.

I had another great day, they keep going and going. With each passing day I am closer to my dream of losing weight, changing my lifestyle and success; ultimately becoming happy and healthy.



4 responses to “Day 31 – Perserverance

  1. When I first started I used to plan everything, and I still do. However now it has become easier since my parents started being healthy too. I plan my workouts even thought at times I divert from the plan but I try not to. It helps when you plan and prepare before especially when it comes to food and you can easily end up eating junk food.

      • LOL! I know what you mean! Family will be so happy to have you home they will indulge you with all your fav food!
        Maybe you should tell them to indulge you with health food!

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