Day 32 – Body Confidence & Acting

I was talking to a couple of my colleagues who are both interested in fitness and regularly run about my change in lifestyle and the journey that I have begun. I told them that I have a place in the London Marathon and that I had started the training process. After comparing training stories our conversation turned to the psychological aspect of weight loss, training and lifestyle change. One topic that we talked about was body confidence. I explained to them that when you walk into a room or you are introduced to someone and you are a ‘big’ person, it is the first thing that people notice and you are instantly branded. It is like having your biggest insecurity, your biggest struggle, your biggest weakness on display for all to see. One of my colleagues said to me that she didn’t believe that I was insecure and shy due to my bright shirts and demeanour in the office – I told her it was all an act. We are actors in life in order to ‘fit in’, get our way or make our lives easier. Getting to know the real person is such a gift and I am hoping that reading this blog people can see the real me. I don’t want to feel insecure when I walk into a room, travel or meet new people – I want to feel confident, proud of myself and know that I am a winner, a success. This feeling of success is what I am striving to achieve, when I cross that finishing line in April it is going to be the pinnacle of all the hard work and dedication that I have put in.

I was up before 6 am again this morning for my next instalment of training. It feels great to get up and experience the morning sun, the weather in Almaty is beautiful at the moment and I am going to savour every moment of it before the vicious winter sets in. I’m planning on heading to the mountains this weekend for a hike…makes a change from a Saturday afternoon sitting in the pub.

I love me


5 responses to “Day 32 – Body Confidence & Acting

  1. You are right, it is so often the first thing people see and judge you on! I am lucky to have friends that don’t only see that and a trainer who believes in me but it is so obvious at the gym sometimes, especially in the free weights area with all the posers, they just give you a ‘why bother?’ Or you get instructor who assume you are weaker than the others or less likely to try hard!
    You have such an amazing goal πŸ™‚ and are working so hard! You will run over that line and stand up tall (in a fetching silver blanket ;))

  2. I’m learning to drive fairly late in life and its taking a long time because I lack confidence in my ability. My husband said he couldn’t understand this because I’m such a confident, self assured person. He found it hard to believe that all that confidence, the happy smiling, talk to anyone person, is just an act to hide how I feel inside. This is even after losing the weight! The act goes on πŸ™‚

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