Day 34 & 35 – Trainers

It has been a good weekend, I spent the majority of it working on my MBA dissertation which kept me out of trouble! When I am studying I am fully focused on the task in hand which means no trips out to the pub or a restaurant, I have my juice at home and I know that I will keep on track when my attention is elsewhere. I think that is another key concept, keeping your mind continually focused on other positive activities that do not increase the risk of you failing. I think this is a good way to manage this risk, keep positive and keep focused.

On Sunday I ventured out to a shopping mall in Almaty to get some new running shoes. My previous ones were slightly too big which caused big blisters which increased my reluctance to train, therefore I paid extra attention on making sure that the fit was perfect and that I removed a potential excuse for not exercising. If it is not the shoes or the training program that has been devised, then there can only be one thing responsible for failure, and that is me. Every excuse needs to be eliminated to ensure that you are fully focused on success, weight loss and the change in lifestyle that is desired. It also applies to other concepts such as food preparation, if you have the correct food for your diet in the fridge then you are not likely to deviate because that would involve a trip to the shop and most of the time we are too tired from work for that. The easy option is to eat what is in the fridge. If the easy option is the right option then you increase the likelihood of success.



4 responses to “Day 34 & 35 – Trainers

  1. Double skinned blister socks are my top tip for stopping blisters, along with blister plasters, applied as soon as you feel any rubbing. Even with shoes that fit perfectly, over long miles blisters are a peril or long distance running (or walking in my case). Believe me I’ve had some amazing ones!

      • I’ve tired several and all are good. My most recent purchase are the 1000 mile socks but any that have two skins (like an inner sock and an outer sock) work well. They stop the friction that causes blisters. I got my first pair by accident when I forgot to pack my socks for the 26.2 mile London Moonwalk a few years ago and popped into a shop before the event. I’ve never looked back and they’re the only type of socks I buy now 🙂

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