Day 36 – Holiday Planning

I am in the process of trying to plan my next holiday in September. My usual plans involve heading off to somewhere exotic or home and spending 2 weeks constantly eating and drinking whatever I want to excess. I have always enjoyed travelling and meeting up with friends all around the world, partying, playing golf in the sun with a beer in my hand and living the high life. This time however I am planning it based on the best way that I can keep on track, train and remain focussed on the end goal. For this I think I will fly to Raleigh, Durham in the US to spend some time with my brother Matty. Matty is big into his fitness, and offers me guidance and direction on articles to read and people to research. If I stay with him the temptation to go wild and party is reduced, I can enjoy time resting, relaxing and on the golf course (without the beer in hand!)

I walked home last night from work instead of getting the company vehicle, I changed before I left the office and put on my new trainers. They are incredible I have never had a pair of shoes so comfortable in my life, they are like walking on air. I would recommend them to anyone who is training –

Today was another good day, I stayed true to my juicing and exercise plan, I have great momentum at the minute and I think it is another key concept. Once you get on a roll and you start to notice the changes in your body and the increase in fitness, you use the momentum you have for motivation. I want to continue to improve, to get fitter, to get leaner and live the best life I can live. Being competitive with yourself is great because you win every time…



2 responses to “Day 36 – Holiday Planning

  1. Good on you for the walking. I mostly walk to and from work, it fits a bit of exercise into a day that would otherwise not be there and mostly doesn’t take much longer than the bus, costs less too!

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