Weekly Photo Update – Week 5


Today at work a former colleague rejoined the organization. She left about 4 months ago and obviously doesn’t know that I had started this lifestyle revolution. The first thing she said to me was that I looked fresh and that was after a 6 am wake up for the first day of my marathon training and a near 2 hour management meeting first thing on a Monday morning! I was pleased that she didn’t comment on my weight reduction but the fact that I looked fresh. All this juicing, early nights and exercising is starting to take effect, I feel stronger and more awake even without my morning coffee! It is the small things which increase motivation the most.

So I started my marathon training today and it is great to be able to say that. There is a long way to go and I am starting out ever so slowly to reduce the risk of injury and help my body adjust to the change. It felt great to get up first thing and begin training but I am certainly looking forward to my bed tonight! I have made the change now I need to make this change a habit – wish me luck!


The weight loss and lifestyle change management plan that I have devised and in the process of executing is split into 4 phases. The first phase which I am currently halfway through is a 60 day juice fast and reintroduction to exercise. Today I have reached the half way point. It has flown past and I haven’t slipped up once, I am enjoying feeling better and the extra energy plus extremely motivated and determined to continue and reach my final goal of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I have decided to break the pursuit of my goal into more manageable pieces. On previous attempts to lose weight I have always crashed at around the 3 month mark and I think this can be attributed to not having a structured framework to follow but also out of boredom. I once tried a VLC diet and lost a considerable amount in a very short period, this was great until I strayed. Due to the fact that I was restricted in what I was allowed to eat, when I slipped it was big as I had felt deprived and the emotional guilt was intensified. By breaking this attempt into 4 smaller stages I am reintroducing myself to food but the right types of food in a controlled way whilst focusing on continued weight loss. For example in the second phase I will eat lean protein, vegetables and low GI carbs alongside juicing, allowing me to have the benefit of all the goodness of juicing whilst introducing protein to help with the increase in physical activity.

Today was another good day and the feeling of saying that does not get boring…


A key concept on this journey is the need to develop a plan and adhere to it. It is so easy to deviate from a plan, it is even easier to deviate if there is no plan! What I have been focussed on is ensuring that I have a structured, documented plan that I follow religiously. I have mapped this plan onto a project schedule which outlines when I have to eat, what I have to eat, when I have to train and what type of training I need to do. It even goes so far as scheduling when I order food to be delivered to my apartment through a stock management process. By covering every aspect of the weight loss and lifestyle change process I am able to reduce the amount of thinking involved and ensure that the decision making process is all but eliminated. When you allow yourself to be exposed to the decision making process then you increase the risk and likelihood of making a bad decision. The more decisions that you make the more likely you are to make that bad decision which causes you to increase the potential of failing. Exposing yourself continually to bad decisions results in these bad decisions become a habit, when it becomes a habit it then becomes the norm. When your bad habits become the norm then you are not going to succeed. I am trying to eliminate all possibility of failure – to create the perfect weight loss and lifestyle change process.

I had another great day, they keep going and going. With each passing day I am closer to my dream of losing weight, changing my lifestyle and success; ultimately becoming happy and healthy.


I was talking to a couple of my colleagues who are both interested in fitness and regularly run about my change in lifestyle and the journey that I have begun. I told them that I have a place in the London Marathon and that I had started the training process. After comparing training stories our conversation turned to the psychological aspect of weight loss, training and lifestyle change. One topic that we talked about was body confidence. I explained to them that when you walk into a room or you are introduced to someone and you are a ‘big’ person, it is the first thing that people notice and you are instantly branded. It is like having your biggest insecurity, your biggest struggle, your biggest weakness on display for all to see. One of my colleagues said to me that she didn’t believe that I was insecure and shy due to my bright shirts and demeanour in the office – I told her it was all an act. We are actors in life in order to ‘fit in’, get our way or make our lives easier. Getting to know the real person is such a gift and I am hoping that reading this blog people can see the real me. I don’t want to feel insecure when I walk into a room, travel or meet new people – I want to feel confident, proud of myself and know that I am a winner, a success. This feeling of success is what I am striving to achieve, when I cross that finishing line in April it is going to be the pinnacle of all the hard work and dedication that I have put in.

I was up before 6 am again this morning for my next instalment of training. It feels great to get up and experience the morning sun, the weather in Almaty is beautiful at the moment and I am going to savour every moment of it before the vicious winter sets in. I’m planning on heading to the mountains this weekend for a hike…makes a change from a Saturday afternoon sitting in the pub.


I am now over half way in phase 1, this means I have started the planning process for phase 2. I know that I want to keep some of the juicing aspect from phase 1 as it is a quick and easy way to get key vitamins and minerals into my body, I also want to introduce lean protein in the form of chicken, fish, prawns etc as well as low GI vegetables. I need to do this in the most efficient way due to my work and MBA commitments, which has lead me to identifying a steamer as my next tool of choice to go alongside my juicer. If I can come home from work, put some chicken and chopped vegetables in a steamer, this will allow me to go and work on my MBA without having to worry about burning my dinner! Over the weekend I will procure a steamer that best suits my needs, does anyone have any good recommendations on brand or model?

Today was another day down and another good day. I am looking forward to reintroducing eating food into my routine however I have no desire to end phase 1 early – it is working, I am feeling great and am striving on to my goal :)

DAY 34 & 35 – TRAINERS

It has been a good weekend, I spent the majority of it working on my MBA dissertation which kept me out of trouble! When I am studying I am fully focused on the task in hand which means no trips out to the pub or a restaurant, I have my juice at home and I know that I will keep on track when my attention is elsewhere. I think that is another key concept, keeping your mind continually focused on other positive activities that do not increase the risk of you failing. I think this is a good way to manage this risk, keep positive and keep focused.

On Sunday I ventured out to a shopping mall in Almaty to get some new running shoes. My previous ones were slightly too big which caused big blisters which increased my reluctance to train, therefore I paid extra attention on making sure that the fit was perfect and that I removed a potential excuse for not exercising. If it is not the shoes or the training program that has been devised, then there can only be one thing responsible for failure, and that is me. Every excuse needs to be eliminated to ensure that you are fully focused on success, weight loss and the change in lifestyle that is desired. It also applies to other concepts such as food preparation, if you have the correct food for your diet in the fridge then you are not likely to deviate because that would involve a trip to the shop and most of the time we are too tired from work for that. The easy option is to eat what is in the fridge. If the easy option is the right option then you increase the likelihood of success.

week 5


9 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 5

  1. Wow you look great 🙂 but you still didn’t place all the photos next to each other. If you want I can do it for you with Photoshop, just send me your email.

  2. I’m so happy to find your blog after linking to you since you liked my post. I love Joe the Juicer! I will be checking in on your blog to see your progress, you are really inspiring! Congrats on starting marathon training! I am just starting training for my 2nd right now. HAve you also watched Forks Over Knives? Another great movie to motivate and educate. Best of luck to you, not that you need it when you have the drive like you do. 🙂

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