Day 37 – Thinking Big

I think big, I always have done – I believe that it has been a key concept in the success of my career. I have climbed the corporate ladder fast at a young age and have been enjoying the life that that brings, however I have never thought big in terms of my health, fitness and happiness. I am now though and it is working. I believe that everyone is capable of achieving anything that they desire as long as they identify a goal, develop a strategic plan and work hard to achieve it at the same time listening to and taking people’s advice who have already achieved and applying what they already know. You get to the end goal faster if you take the short cuts that others have already figured out. You also get to the end goal if you never give up and are relentless in your pursuit. I started out thinking big on this weight loss and lifestyle change management process by writing this blog, sharing the journey and engaging others that have been on this journey and seeking their knowledge and advice on how to be successful. This blog is now beginning to grow and I have an audience watching me strive for success which is driving my motivation as I have a platform to discuss, learn and grow. Surrounding yourself with successful people, who have achieved your goal helps you to reach the next level. My goal of running the London Marathon was laughable Β 6 weeks agoΒ but now it is very much a reality. I love turning strategic visions and dreams into reality, and this time I am doing it for me, not a corporation or business but for me, my health and my happiness – and that is a great feeling. The feeling of success is unrivalled in my opinion and it really isn’t very difficult to do in the grand scheme of things.

One more day down and another day without any issues. I spoke to a friend and colleague of mine today who made a nice compliment about my progress. He asked whether I found it difficult being on the juice fast, I responded that I was now on autopilot which means that my healthy lifestyle is the norm, it has become a habit. This healthy lifestyle that I wanted is now mine – I have achieved it in a very short time and there is no way that I am going to let go of it. I am a big fan of thinking big and working hard towards success.



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