5 Week Comparison

David after 5 weeks on diet

The photo on the left was taken in England en route from Tanzania to Kazakhstan with my Grandad. I started on my diet on the 24th June and in 5 weeks here are the results 🙂



51 responses to “5 Week Comparison

  1. Congrats! Definitely a visible difference in a short period of time. I’m about to start my own “revolution” but not planning to do a 60-day fast. I hope that I can be as committed and driven as you have been with yours. 😀

    • The length of the juice fast is dependent on a number of factors – 1) your current body state 2) how much you have to lose and 3) your current mindset. My body was really unhealthy, I have a significant amount to lose and my mindset is focused and determined to succeed, which is why I have been able to tackle the 60 days without much of an issue. Depending on your answers to the 3 questions will depend on the length of time to revitalize your system 🙂

    • Thank you, I really appreciate you following my journey. There is a long way to go but I am determined and loving the support that people like you are providing, it is giving me an added boost! 🙂

  2. Hey thanks for following my blog. Awesome to know that you’re determine to slim down too! Let’s track each other’s progress and make it happen! Juice on dude!

  3. Just keep in mind to tone and not to lose weight too quickly. This is to avoid excess or saggy skin.

  4. Great work! I’m so glad you are working with Joe’s program. As you know, lots of folks lose weight only to gain even more back. This is often because they don’t actually tackle the whole lifestyle, changing their way of thinking about food and life. I think Joe does a great job of looking at the whole self- his entire life changed, including his thinking, in a matter of months, and that’s what it takes!

    Thanks for connecting with my blog (MollieSong)!

  5. Wow – that is truly amazing!! Well done! I see you like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I love that film – it is so inspirational. We bought it and every time I need to see big time dedication to inspire me I watch that!

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