Day 38 – Length of Phase 1

Thanks for all the kind comments, questions, advice and feedback it is very much appreciated and I love to interact with like minded people. Many comments that I have responded to were about the length of time that I am undertaking the juice fast in phase 1 of my plan. The length of time may seem excessive – 60 days – but I based this on a number of factors. Firstly the extent of my un-healthiness, I had not done any exercise for near on 3 years and had been partying hard for many more years than that! I need to refuel my system with vitamins and minerals instead of beer, scotch and fast food. Secondly I have 140+ pounds to lose which is a significant amount, to increase my motivation at the beginning of the journey and increase the likelihood that I will succeed I need to see quick changes – to show what I am doing is right. You can achieve this through a juice fast and in the 5 weeks I have been going it certainly is noticeable. The third factor is mindset. I had enough of being overweight and unhealthy, it had got boring. I want the change so badly as I know it is the missing piece in my quest for success. I have everything else going for me apart from my weight, so I am set on changing that and completing the puzzle. My mindset is so determined and focused that a 60 day juice fast is easy for me. Yes it is starting to get tedious but I can live with that and I am looking forward to the next phase of steamed lean protein, low GI vegetables and juice. I can accept the slow, phased transition to a normal healthy diet as the goals are much shorter and the next phase is a reward in itself. The length of phase 1 is dependent on your health, weight and mindset. If you have reached the point of no return, depression and want to change yourself as a person and not just lose weight then the program I am working on is right for you as it rewards you for your hard work and determination. I hope by following this blog you can see the change physically and mentally as I strive towards success and the amazing feeling that it provides.

Today was another great day and another day closer to phase 2. I walked home from work to complete my day’s assigned training for the London Marathon, had my juice for the evening and prepared tomorrow’s and settled down for an evening in front of the computer to work on my MBA thesis. Working hard in itself is the reward.




2 responses to “Day 38 – Length of Phase 1

  1. I guess whatever works for you is good for you. Personally I wouldn’t entertain a liquid diet. Many people fail when food is reintroduced because they haven’t really addressed their issues with food. Sounds like you have that one covered.

    • The juice is just a phase, to help kick the system and get you on your way. For me 60 days is fine for others it isn’t, you have to tailor the phases to you 🙂

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