Day 41 & 42 – The Concept Of Luck & Strategy Execution

I received a comment on a post from one of my followers wishing me ‘good luck’ which got me thinking about the term. I am a big believer that you make your own luck through hard work, dedication and sustained effort. Luck isn’t going to make me lose weight, change my lifestyle, be happy, healthy and achieve the feeling of success – it is going to be my continued dedication, discipline  and execution to the plan and strategy that I have developed. The concept of execution is a key component to one’s success in achieving their weight loss and lifestyle change goals. It is imperative that before you begin on any weight loss or lifestyle change process that you identify within yourself whether you have the capabilities and ability to do the things that are required in order to achieve your goals, that is to define the critical issues behind your strategy execution. Identifying your key strengths and weaknesses allows you to identify areas that you will need to focus on and put more effort into in order to ensure that you do not deviate from your strategy, this is done in conjunction with the identification of opportunities and threats, in essence you conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself. It is also important to understand the pluses and minuses of your alternatives to the plan of achieving your weight loss and lifestyle change. What is the reality of you not executing your plan? Additionally by identifying short and long term goals, your strategic plan starts to develop into a management structure and schedule that you adhere to. Integration of contingency planning is also important, to make sure you have identified potential risks and have a plan designed to ensure that the risk is not realized. This thought and planning process will help you in your strategy execution process.

I had another good weekend without any deviations to the plan. I have been stuck behind the computer for most of the weekend though, my MBA Dissertation is very nearly complete and I can’t wait to submit it and finish! I feel as though all the time spent working on my dissertation has meant that I am coming a bit of a recluse! I have to say thanks to my girlfriend Raushana for being patient with me during the process of completing my MBA and undertaking this weight loss and lifestyle change, she provides fantastic support and I’m very lucky to have her.



9 responses to “Day 41 & 42 – The Concept Of Luck & Strategy Execution

  1. I agree, luck is valid when it has to do with things that we cannot control, but we can control our weight loss the results we need. What I usually say to others that are doing their best to lose weight, is to never give up and keep working hard.

  2. i cant agree with you more about identifying yourself first before any strategy alignes with almost everything you do in life and lifestyle change is indeed a great example. im proud of you baby and love you Raushana

  3. Any attempt to make yourself a healthier life requires a strong commitment, support from family and the realisation that you can’t lose in a short time something which takes a lifetime to grow. I will keep following your progress.

  4. Its open to debate as to whether it was Gary Player or Arnold Palmer who said ‘The more I practise the luckier I get”. So yeah, Good Luck, but make it yourself!

  5. Luck plays a part when it comes to the things you can’t plan for, the injuries, the bad weather, the inescapable disasters that drop I to every life. It is dealing with these that are the test of resolve and ingenuity.

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