Weekly Photo Update – Week 6

For a comparison of week to week progress photos please click the link: https://dmmddiet.wordpress.com/photos/


I am in the process of trying to plan my next holiday in September. My usual plans involve heading off to somewhere exotic or home and spending 2 weeks constantly eating and drinking whatever I want to excess. I have always enjoyed travelling and meeting up with friends all around the world, partying, playing golf in the sun with a beer in my hand and living the high life. This time however I am planning it based on the best way that I can keep on track, train and remain focussed on the end goal. For this I think I will fly to Raleigh, Durham in the US to spend some time with my brother Matty. Matty is big into his fitness, and offers me guidance and direction on articles to read and people to research. If I stay with him the temptation to go wild and party is reduced, I can enjoy time resting, relaxing and on the golf course (without the beer in hand!)

I walked home last night from work instead of getting the company vehicle, I changed before I left the office and put on my new trainers. They are incredible I have never had a pair of shoes so comfortable in my life, they are like walking on air. I would recommend them to anyone who is training – http://www.adidas.co.uk/men%27s-energy-boost-shoes/G64392_600.html

Today was another good day, I stayed true to my juicing and exercise plan, I have great momentum at the minute and I think it is another key concept. Once you get on a roll and you start to notice the changes in your body and the increase in fitness, you use the momentum you have for motivation. I want to continue to improve, to get fitter, to get leaner and live the best life I can live. Being competitive with yourself is great because you win every time…


I think big, I always have done – I believe that it has been a key concept in the success of my career. I have climbed the corporate ladder fast at a young age and have been enjoying the life that that brings, however I have never thought big in terms of my health, fitness and happiness. I am now though and it is working. I believe that everyone is capable of achieving anything that they desire as long as they identify a goal, develop a strategic plan and work hard to achieve it at the same time listening to and taking people’s advice who have already achieved and applying what they already know. You get to the end goal faster if you take the short cuts that others have already figured out. You also get to the end goal if you never give up and are relentless in your pursuit. I started out thinking big on this weight loss and lifestyle change management process by writing this blog, sharing the journey and engaging others that have been on this journey and seeking their knowledge and advice on how to be successful. This blog is now beginning to grow and I have an audience watching me strive for success which is driving my motivation as I have a platform to discuss, learn and grow. Surrounding yourself with successful people, who have achieved your goal helps you to reach the next level. My goal of running the London Marathon was laughable  6 weeks ago but now it is very much a reality. I love turning strategic visions and dreams into reality, and this time I am doing it for me, not a corporation or business but for me, my health and my happiness – and that is a great feeling. The feeling of success is unrivalled in my opinion and it really isn’t very difficult to do in the grand scheme of things.

One more day down and another day without any issues. I spoke to a friend and colleague of mine today who made a nice compliment about my progress. He asked whether I found it difficult being on the juice fast, I responded that I was now on autopilot which means that my healthy lifestyle is the norm, it has become a habit. This healthy lifestyle that I wanted is now mine – I have achieved it in a very short time and there is no way that I am going to let go of it. I am a big fan of thinking big and working hard towards success.


Thanks for all the kind comments, questions, advice and feedback it is very much appreciated and I love to interact with like minded people. Many comments that I have responded to were about the length of time that I am undertaking the juice fast in phase 1 of my plan. The length of time may seem excessive – 60 days – but I based this on a number of factors. Firstly the extent of my un-healthiness, I had not done any exercise for near on 3 years and had been partying hard for many more years than that! I need to refuel my system with vitamins and minerals instead of beer, scotch and fast food. Secondly I have 140+ pounds to lose which is a significant amount, to increase my motivation at the beginning of the journey and increase the likelihood that I will succeed I need to see quick changes – to show what I am doing is right. You can achieve this through a juice fast and in the 5 weeks I have been going it certainly is noticeable. The third factor is mindset. I had enough of being overweight and unhealthy, it had got boring. I want the change so badly as I know it is the missing piece in my quest for success. I have everything else going for me apart from my weight, so I am set on changing that and completing the puzzle. My mindset is so determined and focused that a 60 day juice fast is easy for me. Yes it is starting to get tedious but I can live with that and I am looking forward to the next phase of steamed lean protein, low GI vegetables and juice. I can accept the slow, phased transition to a normal healthy diet as the goals are much shorter and the next phase is a reward in itself. The length of phase 1 is dependent on your health, weight and mindset. If you have reached the point of no return, depression and want to change yourself as a person and not just lose weight then the program I am working on is right for you as it rewards you for your hard work and determination. I hope by following this blog you can see the change physically and mentally as I strive towards success and the amazing feeling that it provides.

Today was another great day and another day closer to phase 2. I walked home from work to complete my day’s assigned training for the London Marathon, had my juice for the evening and prepared tomorrow’s and settled down for an evening in front of the computer to work on my MBA thesis. Working hard in itself is the reward.


Since I have returned to Kazakhstan I have focused on achieving a better work life balance and treating my job for what it is – a job! Not the center of my world, not the be all and end all of everything – just a job. A way to keep myself under a roof, clothed and fed. The career drive has taken a back seat whilst I contemplate what I really want to do in life, what I want to achieve and how I am going to do it. I know that I do not want to be a corporate drone. I could be and I could be extremely successful, but it is not what I want. I am tired of working for people that I feel make the wrong decisions and do not have the skill set to motivate, lead and inspire people. So I am keeping under the radar, not challenging decisions (which is really difficult for me!) and just saying yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. I do not do any unpaid overtime, my 10 hours a day that I am contracted to, well that is all I do. I am not getting emotionally involved and instead spending my time concentrating on me, not the company but me and I am enjoying it. I am less stressed, I feel a lot healthier and I am striving towards my goals. Achieving a good work-life balance is extremely important if you are undertaking a weight loss journey and a lifestyle revolution. It reduces stress and pressure and allows you to focus on what is important, your health, your family and ultimately your happiness.

I am flying at the minute, 39 days in and I haven’t deviate once. Focused and determined to succeed. Once you have your mind in the right place, this weight loss journey and lifestyle change process is easy. You cannot succeed until you are in the right place mentally. I would advise anyone to get that right first before you make a start. It took me two months in the wild on the Tanzania/Mozambique border to realize that and it was the best thing that I ever did.


Wow those 40 days went fast! In 40 days the change is remarkable, people are beginning to notice and their kind comments are spurring me on more to reach my goal of a happy and healthy lifestyle. I have another 20 days to go in phase 1 – it will be easy – 20 days is less than 3 weeks and I am on auto-pilot. I have created new habits and I am sticking to them, they are now the norm. My training for the marathon is still very much in its infancy, but I am sticking to schedule and have integrated it into my daily routine, the habit is once again starting to become the norm. Having a plan and routine removes the decision making process and reduces the risk of going off track Planning and preparation are essential in any attempt to lose weight and change your lifestyle. It is not an easy task but if you take the time to structure it in a way that suits your lifestyle and goals then it makes the execution process so much easier. Being happy and healthy is not a part-time job with a defined end date, it is a full time job for the rest of your life. If you want to maximize the value of your life then you have to work extremely hard at it. Nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy! :)


I received a comment on a post from one of my followers wishing me ‘good luck’ which got me thinking about the term. I am a big believer that you make your own luck through hard work, dedication and sustained effort. Luck isn’t going to make me lose weight, change my lifestyle, be happy, healthy and achieve the feeling of success – it is going to be my continued dedication, discipline  and execution to the plan and strategy that I have developed. The concept of execution is a key component to one’s success in achieving their weight loss and lifestyle change goals. It is imperative that before you begin on any weight loss or lifestyle change process that you identify within yourself whether you have the capabilities and ability to do the things that are required in order to achieve your goals, that is to define the critical issues behind your strategy execution. Identifying your key strengths and weaknesses allows you to identify areas that you will need to focus on and put more effort into in order to ensure that you do not deviate from your strategy, this is done in conjunction with the identification of opportunities and threats, in essence you conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself. It is also important to understand the pluses and minuses of your alternatives to the plan of achieving your weight loss and lifestyle change. What is the reality of you not executing your plan? Additionally by identifying short and long term goals, your strategic plan starts to develop into a management structure and schedule that you adhere to. Integration of contingency planning is also important, to make sure you have identified potential risks and have a plan designed to ensure that the risk is not realized. This thought and planning process will help you in your strategy execution process.

I had another good weekend without any deviations to the plan. I have been stuck behind the computer for most of the weekend though, my MBA Dissertation is very nearly complete and I can’t wait to submit it and finish! I feel as though all the time spent working on my dissertation has meant that I am coming a bit of a recluse! I have to say thanks to my girlfriend Raushana for being patient with me during the process of completing my MBA and undertaking this weight loss and lifestyle change, she provides fantastic support and I’m very lucky to have her.

week 6


14 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 6

  1. Congratulations! You are clearly looking more healthy than when you started. I’m sure this journey will change your life for the postive forever. Keep at it!

  2. Keep smashing it buddy, enjoy every workout, track every meal…you know what you want, so get it, do not lose sight of your goal, remind yourself evey day parrot fashion, that anyone can have any physique they want with the right commitment and dedication. You got this! B

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