Day 46 & 47 – Threat Mitigation

I want to focus on the Threat element of the SWOT analysis that I undertook and look at ways in which these threats can be mitigated. As you may have read I highlighted four threats to my success:

  • Celebratory events e.g. weddings/births etc
  • Stress in personal and professional life
  • Boredom
  • Burnout

Firstly if we start with celebratory events, this is an easier threat to manage as you are forewarned about their date and location. I have been invited to a wedding in September in Ibiza, to mitigate my risk of going off track I have decided to not drink at all, as most of the time one glass of bubbly leads to 2, 3, 4… also I have changed my meals on my flight from Almaty so I can reduce my risk of eating the wrong kind of food for the phase that I am in. To mitigate the risk of stress it is important to communicate and understand ways in which you can manage your personal and professional life to minimize your stress levels. For example currently at work I am not over reaching as I was before trying to manage and execute tasks outside of my area of responsibility. I have made an effort to manage tasks that I am directly responsible for and have been delegating as much as possible in order to reduce my pressure and stress levels which also reduces my risk of burnout. In terms of boredom I make sure that I have activities going on in my private life so that I am constantly busy and try to set challenges and goals to break in my training to keep me on track.

What are the ways in which you mitigate the risk of threats affecting your path to the feeling of success?

Thursday and Friday were two more great days, I am closing in on the end of phase 1 and looking forward to the change in my eating plan. I am still motivated and determined to succeed. Each day down is another day closer to my goal of crossing that finishing line!

The Feeling of Success - Daily Diary - Threat Mitigation


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