Weekly Photo Update – Week 7


I wanted to firstly touch on a comment made by one of my followers about injury, weather and luck. In my previous diary post I mentioned that an individual makes their own luck through hard work, dedication and perseverance, a follower who contributes significantly on this blog and has giving some great guidance from both the mental and physical side of things mentioned that there are things that are outside of your control such as injury and the weather. I agree to an extent, as for freak injuries I agree that this can come down to luck, e.g. a rolled ankle from an uneven surface but for preventable injuries for example shin splints from running there are actions that you can take through good planning and risk management that reduce the likelihood of that injury from occurring. I spoke with my best friend back home in England about my journey and goal of running the London Marathon next year, having known my previous injuries through my continual moaning when I was younger, fitter and played sport he advised that I did some research on exercises that I can do to help prevent shin splints (I take his advice seriously seeing he has a degree in Sports Science from Loughborough University – other good resources I have used include http://foothealth.about.com/od/exercisefeet/ss/ShinSplintExerc.htm and http://gizmodo.com/5902699/banish-shin-splints-forever-with-one-magical-exercise that provide good prevention exercises). I took his advice and have managed to reduce the effect of shin splints, which means I have been able to continue training, if I wouldn’t have undertaken this risk management and planning approach I would not have identified the potential risk and put in place mitigation factors. As for the weather, it is beautiful and sunny here in Almaty and it is great to do my training in the evening sunshine however I know how vicious the Kazakh winters are and know that I won’t be able to run outside, as soon as the weather turns I will move my training indoors to the local gym adjacent to my apartment. This means that I can continue training in a good environment minimising my exposure to the weather conditions and icy roads in the winter. I think that the risk of bad luck can be minimised through careful consideration, planning and risk management.

I had another good day, no problems or issues, you can do anything if you have the right mindset and planned approach.


I made a point in my last post about the need to do a SWOT analysis to better define your strategy and identify what areas in particular you need to put more effort in and the areas that you need to maximize in order to help push your motivation and determination. My best mate had read the blog and told me he conducted a SWOT analysis and that it was all positive – that made me laugh out loud because that is typical of his personality! So I thought that I would conduct a SWOT analysis on myself and hopefully that will get you all thinking about how you can apply the SWOT analysis to you.


  • Determination to succeed
  • Project, Organizational & Change Management Expert
  • Experience of the weight loss process
  • Developed clearly defined plan for success
  • Self-belief and confidence
  • Knowledge and use of weight loss technology


  • Addictive personality
  • Alcohol
  • Knowledge of training and fitness plans


  • Give up alcohol
  • Learn new approaches to weight loss, fitness and how to be a success
  • To have a happy, healthy and successful life
  • Complete a full lifestyle change based on execution of my theory


  • Celebratory events e.g. weddings/births etc
  • Stress in personal and professional life
  • Boredom
  • Burnout

I am sure there are other factors that I have missed but I think it shows that the process is good at helping to identify areas to continue working on and areas of yourself that you need to work especially hard at – I hope that this process will help you. Identification of weaknesses and threats are strengths and opportunities in disguise. My weakness of not having a huge knowledge of fitness programs is an opportunity to learn and make it one of my strengths. Likewise the threat of celebratory events to derail my progress is an opportunity to learn the process of how to deal with these situations successfully and then make it one of my strengths. By conducting a SWOT analysis an individual can clearly define action items to make them more successful.

I went for my walk on Wednesday night in the wind and rain of Almaty and for the first time in my training I was able to break out into a run, it wasn’t for a long time or distance but it was still the beginning of being able to reach my goal. It was a great feeling and I was pumped when I finished! Hot, sweaty and tired but motivated, the signs are beginning to show that all this hard work and effort is worth it – I can run the London Marathon in April, it will be hard and emotionally straining but I can do it. If you put your mind to something and follow it up with actions you are able to achieve anything that you want, you can achieve the feeling of success – who do you want to be?

The last two days have been really busy at work, I have been tired but I have managed to stay on track. Three quarters of the way in phase 1 and I am on track on the weight loss, lifestyle change and fitness drive. It feels fantastic!


I want to focus on the Threat element of the SWOT analysis that I undertook and look at ways in which these threats can be mitigated. As you may have read I highlighted four threats to my success:

  • Celebratory events e.g. weddings/births etc
  • Stress in personal and professional life
  • Boredom
  • Burnout

Firstly if we start with celebratory events, this is an easier threat to manage as you are forewarned about their date and location. I have been invited to a wedding in September in Ibiza, to mitigate my risk of going off track I have decided to not drink at all, as most of the time one glass of bubbly leads to 2, 3, 4… also I have changed my meals on my flight from Almaty so I can reduce my risk of eating the wrong kind of food for the phase that I am in. To mitigate the risk of stress it is important to communicate and understand ways in which you can manage your personal and professional life to minimize your stress levels. For example currently at work I am not over reaching as I was before trying to manage and execute tasks outside of my area of responsibility. I have made an effort to manage tasks that I am directly responsible for and have been delegating as much as possible in order to reduce my pressure and stress levels which also reduces my risk of burnout. In terms of boredom I make sure that I have activities going on in my private life so that I am constantly busy and try to set challenges and goals to break in my training to keep me on track.

What are the ways in which you mitigate the risk of threats affecting your path to the feeling of success?

Thursday and Friday were two more great days, I am closing in on the end of phase 1 and looking forward to the change in my eating plan. I am still motivated and determined to succeed. Each day down is another day closer to my goal of crossing that finishing line!


I have spoken before about the need for rest, relaxation and management of stress. This weekend I decided that I would take extra time to make sure that I got the required rest I need to help springboard me into next week. On Saturday I decided to play golf at Zhailjau which is located at the foot of the mountains in Almaty. It is a great place to get away, have a nice stroll in the sun and play some sport. Raushana joined me in walking around the course, it was great to spend some time away from the city with each other. Sunday was also great, movies and relaxing in the apartment. Sometimes it is the small things which you appreciate most and it is imperative that you recharge your batteries at the weekend ready to take on the working week to come. It is easy to get wrapped up in the stress of life and forget that in all the hustle and bustle there is a need to appreciate what you have and the people that share your life with you. It has been a good weekend :)

I am still 100% on track, the finishing line for phase 1 is in sight and I am very much looking forward to entering phase 2 and kicking my training up a gear!

week 7


16 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 7

  1. I like the concept of the SWOT analysis, I’d like to do that myself! I really appreciate your honesty in your journey; losing weight is a very difficult and personal thing.

  2. David, thanks for visiting my blog. As a runner, I’m very impressed with your goal of completing the London marathon. Congratulations on getting fit! It’s addictive once you see some progress.

  3. It’s been fascinating reading your journey, from day one to today. You’re doing great! Keep up the diligent work. Once I get this cast off my foot and lower leg, I’m going to have to do PT to walk again. (I broke a bone in my foot and tore a tendon, requiring surgery to repair). And reading everything you’re doing is really motivating me to turn my physical therapy into a habit of walking. Thank you for your motivation!!

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