Day 52 – Sub 15 Minute Mile

Today was a great day, I managed to complete a mile in under 15 minutes! Now that may not sound like much of an achievement but for me in less than 2 months I have gone from not being able to get up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath to running/walking at a sub 15 minute mile. I will continue to follow an execute my plan, and reduce my time week on week whilst increasing my endurance and the number of miles I can complete. I found some great tips for marathon training here, hopefully you will find some good advice :). My weight loss and lifestyle change is becoming more and more noticeable which continues to drive my motivation and determination to achieve the feeling of success!

It was a long day at work, I was up before 6 am again and covered 7 hours on the road, although I spend that time sitting in a vehicle rather than driving for some reason I always feel tired! This may have something to do with trying to cram in as much as possible into my day – home life, work, MBA, training, juicing etc etc however I have decided to also analyse my sleeping patterns to see whether I can improve the overall quality of my rest. I have just downloaded a new app for my iPhone called Smart Alarm. I have only used it once but it was interesting to see my results. The amount of time that I am in a deep sleep is minimal, the longest was a hour and 20 minutes and it took me approximately a hour and half to get to sleep so my actual sleeping time was well short of my 8 hours – this may have something to do with my tiredness! Another reason could be the detoxing and healing my body is going through which mariner2mother mentioned on my post here.

I have 8 more days to complete phase 1, the change in approach is going to keep me motivated to achieve my weight loss and lifestyle change goals 🙂 By changing your routine you are able to keep interested in the overall project, repetition can become boring and it is imperative that you shake things up.

The Feeling of Success - Daily Diary - Sub 15 Minute Mile


23 responses to “Day 52 – Sub 15 Minute Mile

  1. Well done, David! It’s great to see that you are aiming high and achieving your goals 🙂

    I’ve experienced the journey from obese non-runner to overweight marathoner (still haven’t quite fixed my food issues), so I know how tough it can be. I’m not sure where you’re based, but if you’re in the UK, I’m guessing that there may be a parkrun somewhere close to you. They are free weekly 5k runs: People are welcome to take them at their own pace, so although the first finisher of my local event did it in just over 15 minutes on Saturday, there were plenty of people who took 50 minutes as well (and often there are newcomers who may take over an hour). I know you’re aiming for 26.2 miles, but it’s always nice to have something shorter to help motivate you, and you’ll get to meet a welcoming community of local runners – many of who started out as jog-walkers. They’ll be able to give you valuable hints and tips.

    Well done and keep going 😀

    • I’m currently based in Almaty, Kazakhstan – I have a beautiful park next to my apartment that I use but will have to move to a gym as soon as the brutal winter returns!

  2. Well done. The road to a marathon is a long one but you are taking the first steps. Commando completed his second fifteen mile run at the weekend, his marathon is in October.

  3. Congrats on your success. I appreciate you taking time out to read my blog. Thank you and continued success. I’ll be reading!

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  5. Brilliant! You seem to have got things worked out well. Good luck with the juicing (on a later post) – I’m not sure I’d get on very well with that!

    I started running last December, using the downloadable podcasts in the NHS couch to 5k programme. It’s UK based, but there are members from all over the world and the online support is unbeatable – in case you or anyone else is interested, it’s here:

    After 9 weeks I’d gone from struggling to run for 60 seconds, to running continuously for 40 minutes, at about 15 min per mile, so I know what an achievement that is. Good luck with your target marathon – you sound determined enough to get there. I will be following your progress with great interest.

    It’s a very good programme for total beginners, and many of the people on the forum are also aiming for weight loss.

  6. Whoa, I just found my way over to your blog, and it is awesome to see you doing things like hiking and getting the yurt. Pretty inspiring for anyone with a goal they want to achieve. Glad to see you’re making steady progress and doing so well. I’ll be sure to keep up with your journey!

    • Thanks for finding your way over, I hope you enjoy following my journey 🙂 I am telling my story in my own way and if it helps to inspire people then that is fantastic 🙂

  7. I want to read more about your running journey. I love it! Like you, the idea of running was strictly that.. an idea. I would NEVER would have believed anyone if they told me in 2013 I would find a love for running! What? Are you crazy? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Only people like us, who never saw it as a reality, and now are doing it can understand. If we can do this, what else are we capable of, right? I don’t however share your desire to finish a marathon. I am happy as Larry to run a half. My dream/goal is to run the London 10K ( a smaller goal). I am in San Francisco area, so many people would probably love to run one here. I want to run one there, but I think I better run one in Ireland first or my husband might divorce me (he he). Great job! I am following!

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