Day 53 & 54 – Diabetes

A former drinking partner of mine in the office suffers from type 2 diabetes which was caused by an excessive lifestyle – he calls it “the professional party man’s worst nightmare!” I haven’t said anything to him about my weight loss and lifestyle change other than that I am doing it and that I was committed to it. I am definitely not one of those annoying people who likes to broadcast to the office that I am on a diet and that I am doing really well. If somebody comes up to me and says a nice comment then I will tell them what I am doing and how I am getting on. I am not going to tell people how they should live their life and what exercise they need to do, it is not my place and 2 months with a changed lifestyle is still not a permanent change. It is imperative to remember that permanent results come from permanent change. My friend has decided on his own account to start dieting and cut back on the party lifestyle – I received a message from him this week saying that for the first time in 2 years that his blood sugar levels were in the normal range. This is fantastic news and I am glad that he has found some inspiration from my own progress to begin his own weight loss and lifestyle change success story.Β I don’t know much about diabetes so I did some research, I found a good video explaining the different types of diabetes and what causes itΒ here. This was really helpful for me to understand how our lifestyle effects our health as there are many myths and assumptions associated with diabetes which are further described in this great article here.

On a personal note I am continuing to drive forward with my lifestyle change, I had another good end to the week and still focused on success. I continue to see positive results and have managed to get into clothes this week that I have previously brought as ‘incentives’ for me to lose weight. That is a good feeling and I know that I am still on the right path.

The Feeling of Success - Daily Diary - Diabetes


23 responses to “Day 53 & 54 – Diabetes

  1. Good news all round! My daughter has T1 Diabetes and it is a b**ch! She got herself off insulin by researching and following a strict low carb diet. She was doing really well and her blood glucose levels excellent, but then the consultant put the fear of God into her and even though no-one else in the medical profession agreed with what he said, it scared her into taking insulin and she has had all sorts of problems ever since. Anyone who thinks injecting insulin is an easy fix has no idea of the problems it can cause (although it is necessary in type 1 in most cases). But she was doing so well – the problem was the consultant couldn’t explain how a 15 year old girl had managed to achieve this for a whole 20 months with good results, when it was supposed to be impossible. Your friend has been motivated at a good time – he can completely turn his health around if he carries on.

      • Because T1 diabetics who stop taking insulin are inviting ketoacidosis. Strictly low-carb diets are dangerous for diabetics as well, because they are high in fat. I am pleased for your daughter that she toughed it out without getting really sick, but the consequences she is seeing now are probably due to skipping insulin for a long period. I know of what I speak — I stopped for 10 months when I was 19, and now, at 53, I am paying the price in very early kidney failure, circulation and gastrointestinal problems. Get you daughter and her doctor and her most recent lab results, and ask her doctor to explain, rather than frighten or bully her into accepting her treatment.

      • Wow – it is quite unusual for people to say that. We had some really bad attacks from everywhere when we did this which is part of why Emma caved in in the end. It was really sad and unfortunately she is struggling with all sorts of issues as a result. I was gritting my teeth for similar before I looked at your comment so it’s really cheered me up now I’ve read it πŸ™‚

      • Its done everyday, i have done it myself. Keep sharing, people will always have something negative to say, or be the wise or smart one to share what they feel they know. But keep positive and positive will follow

  2. Congratulations as always David. I have/had type 2 diabetes. I was able to off metformin, a pill, after a month of weight loss. I check my glucose for the doctor, via blood draw at a clinic, every three months. The tests are more telling than a glucometre, though I used one for my own reference. The last round was really fantastic and, according to my doctor, I will probably be able to lose the word diabetes completely after the next round. I’m still careful about eating sugar and refined carbohydrates.

  3. Well done on getting into your ‘incentive ‘ clothes. I have had a bit of weight creeping on over the last few years and started running a year ago. It felt so good to get back into some of my old clothes! I haven’t been shopping for the best part of a year ( except for running kit) unusual for a woman – but I feel like I have got a whole new wardrobe and I spend my spare time running not shopping! Keep up the good work.

    • When I was home in the UK in the summer I cleared out some old clothes and left behind some small clothes that I have never worn – I will be digging them out when I go home in September!

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