Day 55 & 56 – Hiking In The Mountains

This weekend I decided once again to go out and do something different, rather than sit in and feel sorry for myself that I can’t go out to a bar or restaurant. I was going to focus on the positive changes I have made in my lifestyle, leave the negatives behind and go hiking in the mountains on the outskirts of Almaty. It was sensational, the scenery was incredible and the experience fantastic. Myself and Raushana met up with some of her colleagues and summer interns who had traveled over from England. We hired a Kazakh Yurt and mingled with the locals before heading for a hike up the hill and a long walk down. The weather was a bit chilly at first but then the sun burnt the cloud away and we were left with beautiful sunshine which my rather red face can attest to. We walked for miles and the fresh air felt really good – it definitely beat the dark, dingy insides of my former local bar! There was only one downside to the adventure and that was waking up the next morning! My body is aching! I have been building up my training slowly and have not experienced this kind of stiffness and soreness since my days of playing rugby and cricket! However every time I feel a twinge or a sore muscle I am reminded that it is only temporary.

I was in so much pain that I decided to look at ways I can reduce it, so that my recovery time is shorter and my current training regime is not affected. I found these three articles very useful in giving me guidance on what I need to do to not only react to over worked muscles but ways in which you can prevent it:

  1. How to make sore muscles feel good
  2. Managing sore muscles and joint pain
  3. How to recover after a workout

If anyone else has any good suggestions on good ways to reduce recovery time and pain please let me know 🙂

I am still on track, I am looking forward to finishing phase 1 this week. The change in my lifestyle and the weight loss that I have managed has been fantastic. I am well on track for my April goal of the London Marathon and I can wait to attain the feeling of success once I cross the finishing line!

The Feeling of Success - Daily Diary - Hiking in the Mountains


8 responses to “Day 55 & 56 – Hiking In The Mountains

  1. I know almost nothing about this, so take my advice with a healthy grain of salt. I don’t think you can easily stop the joint/muscle pain without either stopping the exercise (against your plans) or holding on as your fitness catches up to your activity. I’ve heard that having occasional days with a little activity (i.e. shorter/mellower walk/hike) can loosen you up a little and keep the fitness process going. Be careful with so-called recovery shakes or the like. Those are designed for people trying to optimize performance and not lose weight. They actually have a bunch of calories built in to them, calories you may not want.

    Still, you’re kicking your ever-smaller butt quite well. Keep at it!

  2. Sorry I keep commenting, especially after my Diabetes rant! However I am completely convinced that if you drink half your body weight in pounds in fluid ounces of pure water each day (eg I weigh about 140 pounds and need to drink 70 fluid oz of water at least each day, so just scale it from there.
    You also need to ensure enough pure sea salt (about half a teaspoon a day – take a small pinch on your tongue just before drinking water – to keep mineral levels right so you don’t get depleted and water can easily enter the cells. Pain (anywhere) is virtually always due to chronic dehydration in that area and/or overall, which takes a while to happen (often decades of under-drinking water combined with drinking all the ‘wrong’ things).

    In one of the articles you’ve linked to there is a bit about osteoarthritis, which is supposed to be ‘incurable’ I have a low light level laser and was treating a lady with that to try and help her manage the pain from osteoarthritis (which it did) However, I also advised her to drink the appropriate amount of water (after reading the excellent book written by Dr Batmanghelidj about back pain and arthritis), just to see if it had any beneficial effect. Amazingly she has just walked 18 holes of golf for the first times in almost two years!

    My back pain, which I have had for at least four years, has all but gone since I have been following the advice in this book. For details of the protocol, see the website. It sound so simple and almost impossible to believe, but it really works! Good luck with it all – I am contemplating signing up for a 100 mile bike ride next year – especially if my back continues to feel this good!

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