Weekly Photo Update – Week 8


I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, even whilst trying to write this blog post I have checked my email, Facebook, the BBC and a number of sports websites multiple times when really I should be finishing as quick as possible and trying to get an early night! For years and years I have known that I needed to lose weight and change my lifestyle but I was procrastinating because I knew that it was going to take a lot of hard work and time. Additional hard work and time outside of office hours is extremely difficult to execute however after working on my MBA for the last 2 years I have had to go that extra mile to achieve the feeling of success. Realistically trying to work full time, study for a MBA, change my lifestyle, lose weight and train would have resulted in burn out, I reached that point with just working and doing my MBA! If you want to be successful you cannot procrastinate there is not enough hours in the day. There is a reason why most people fail in their lifestyle change and weight loss goal, they are either unprepared or not willing to put the hard work in to be successful. If you want to succeed you have to change your mindset, the article here provides five ways in which to stop procrastinating, I think they are valid and it would be beneficial to take a look. Another good resource is this interview with Harvard Professor David Laibson http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/01/david-laibson-aspen-ideas_n_3678522.html, if you have some spare time or you are procrastinating then it is worth a watch ;) The main point I am trying to make is that without action you won’t succeed, I love this meme that I have posted previously here . Stop procrastinating, take action and the steps required to change your lifestyle, lose weight and achieve the feeling of success.


Today was a great day, I managed to complete a mile in under 15 minutes! Now that may not sound like much of an achievement but for me in less than 2 months I have gone from not being able to get up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath to running/walking at a sub 15 minute mile. I will continue to follow an execute my plan, and reduce my time week on week whilst increasing my endurance and the number of miles I can complete. I found some great tips for marathon training here, hopefully you will find some good advice :) . My weight loss and lifestyle change is becoming more and more noticeable which continues to drive my motivation and determination to achieve the feeling of success!

It was a long day at work, I was up before 6 am again and covered 7 hours on the road, although I spend that time sitting in a vehicle rather than driving for some reason I always feel tired! This may have something to do with trying to cram in as much as possible into my day – home life, work, MBA, training, juicing etc etc however I have decided to also analyse my sleeping patterns to see whether I can improve the overall quality of my rest. I have just downloaded a new app for my iPhone called Smart Alarm. I have only used it once but it was interesting to see my results. The amount of time that I am in a deep sleep is minimal, the longest was a hour and 20 minutes and it took me approximately a hour and half to get to sleep so my actual sleeping time was well short of my 8 hours – this may have something to do with my tiredness! Another reason could be the detoxing and healing my body is going through whichmariner2mother mentioned on my post here.

I have 8 more days to complete phase 1, the change in approach is going to keep me motivated to achieve my weight loss and lifestyle change goals :) By changing your routine you are able to keep interested in the overall project, repetition can become boring and it is imperative that you shake things up.

DAY 53 & 54 – DIABETES

A former drinking partner of mine in the office suffers from type 2 diabetes which was caused by an excessive lifestyle – he calls it “the professional party man’s worst nightmare!” I haven’t said anything to him about my weight loss and lifestyle change other than that I am doing it and that I was committed to it. I am definitely not one of those annoying people who likes to broadcast to the office that I am on a diet and that I am doing really well. If somebody comes up to me and says a nice comment then I will tell them what I am doing and how I am getting on. I am not going to tell people how they should live their life and what exercise they need to do, it is not my place and 2 months with a changed lifestyle is still not a permanent change. It is imperative to remember that permanent results come from permanent change. My friend has decided on his own account to start dieting and cut back on the party lifestyle – I received a message from him this week saying that for the first time in 2 years that his blood sugar levels were in the normal range. This is fantastic news and I am glad that he has found some inspiration from my own progress to begin his own weight loss and lifestyle change success story. I don’t know much about diabetes so I did some research, I found a good video explaining the different types of diabetes and what causes it here. This was really helpful for me to understand how our lifestyle effects our health as there are many myths and assumptions associated with diabetes which are further described in this great article here.

On a personal note I am continuing to drive forward with my lifestyle change, I had another good end to the week and still focused on success. I continue to see positive results and have managed to get into clothes this week that I have previously brought as ‘incentives’ for me to lose weight. That is a good feeling and I know that I am still on the right path.


This weekend I decided once again to go out and do something different, rather than sit in and feel sorry for myself that I can’t go out to a bar or restaurant. I was going to focus on the positive changes I have made in my lifestyle, leave the negatives behind and go hiking in the mountains on the outskirts of Almaty. It was sensational, the scenery was incredible and the experience fantastic. Myself and Raushana met up with some of her colleagues and summer interns who had travelled over from England. We hired a Kazakh Yurt and mingled with the locals before heading for a hike up the hill and a long walk down. The weather was a bit chilly at first but then the sun burnt the cloud away and we were left with beautiful sunshine which my rather red face can attest to. We walked for miles and the fresh air felt really good – it definitely beat the dark, dingy insides of my former local bar! There was only one downside to the adventure and that was waking up the next morning! My body is aching! I have been building up my training slowly and have not experienced this kind of stiffness and soreness since my days of playing rugby and cricket! However every time I feel a twinge or a sore muscle I am reminded that it is only temporary.

I was in so much pain that I decided to look at ways I can reduce it, so that my recovery time is shorter and my current training regime is not affected. I found these three articles very useful in giving me guidance on what I need to do to not only react to over worked muscles but ways in which you can prevent it:

  1. How to make sore muscles feel good
  2. Managing sore muscles and joint pain
  3. How to recover after a workout

If anyone else has any good suggestions on good ways to reduce recovery time and pain please let me know :)

I am still on track, I am looking forward to finishing phase 1 this week. The change in my lifestyle and the weight loss that I have managed has been fantastic. I am well on track for my April goal of the London Marathon and I can wait to attain the feeling of success once I cross the finishing line!

The Feeling of Success - Weekly Photo Update - Week 8


21 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 8

  1. Good point on procrastination. As a student, procrastinating always worked out ok for me. Must have been something about the immediate pressure due to constant avoidance. :p As someone who needed to lose a lot of weight, procrastinating was never going to help solve any problems. Congratulations on your lifestyle change so far! It sounds like you are having a lot of great successes!

    • I work much better under pressure but I am trying to procrastinate less and stay focused. I preach to my staff about the importance of planning and being ahead of the game, little do they know my love for putting things off! Thank you for your congratulations, I have made a great start which I am going to continue so I can reach my end goal in plenty of time! lol

  2. Gentle yoga can be great to iron out aches and pains – my fav site is doyogawithme.com They have a load of free videos and the instructors are fab. Keep up your hard work and inspiring others!

  3. Way to go man! This is such a great inspiration for others (like me) who are trying to regain their bodies and their lives!! Keep up all the great work!!

  4. I’m glad to see that I am not the only person who’s trying to do this. Welldone my friend, and keep it up. I am now following you !

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