Weekly Photo Update – Week 9

DAY 57 & 58 – CRAVINGS

Everyone during their weight loss and lifestyle change process will endure cravings for food or drink that they have reduced or eliminated. Although I enjoyed a drink in the pub with my friends I haven’t really missed the alcohol, what I have been craving though is crispy aromatic duck from my local Chinese takeaway and an Indian feast from my favorite restaurant in my home town. They are pretty easy to overcome as they are located thousands of miles away from me however I have 2 bags of Haribo Tangfastic sitting in my desk drawer that keep calling out to me on a daily basis! So far I have been strong and not touched them, I should think the easy option would be to throw them out then the temptation would be removed however I look at them, think about my previous lifestyle and use them as a motivational incentive to move on, stay focused and stay on track. This of course is not an option for everyone however I feel as though I am in a positive position where I can use it to my advantage.

One of the ways that I control my cravings is to think about the set back to my progress, one of the memes that I look at when I feel the urge to stray is this one. If you cave in to your craving now and it causes you to derail, just think about where you will be in 3 months time if you don’t stray and you keep on track. It is imperative that you keep your eye on the end goal, for me when I want to satisfy a craving I envisage what I am going to do when I cross the finishing line at the marathon: raise my arms, jump and punch the air… I also think about the other things that I will be able to do once I am down to my goal weight, I’m thinking of doing a skydive in Dubai and thrashing around some super cars on a race track. Both have weight restrictions that I currently don’t satisfy, but when I do I want have any excuse not to do it. I looked at other ways in which cravings can be managed and found some good advice from the these websites:

To sum up these articles, to manage cravings it is important to avoid scenarios which trigger these cravings (which is why I avoid the pub!) and distract yourself with other activities (I go for a run or walk). Additionally it is imperative to have a strategic plan in place to control these cravings through lifestyle management with specific focus on stress and sleep. Stress management is such an important factor as emotions play a huge role in the decision making process. If your decision making abilities are clouded then this affects your judgement and ultimately success. Rest and getting the required amount of sleep each night is tough in our busy lives but it is something that I am working hard on and it does help as you feel better and on the top of your game. I would say that I average 6 hours sleep a night, I would like to extend this to 8 but at this moment in time there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

How do you manage your cravings and keep yourself on the path of weight loss and lifestyle change, and ultimately your ability to achieve the feeling of success. Share with your friends and see what they think :)

DAY 59 & 60 – END OF PHASE 1

So I have officially finished phase 1, I have been dedicated and the results show my hard work. My weight loss and lifestyle change goals are on track and I can’t wait to attain the feeling of success once I cross that finishing line. These last few days have been tough and I am looking forward to eating proper food again! I will now transition to phase 2, I will continue to have my morning juice but supplement it with 2 hard boiled eggs. For lunch I plan on lean protein with salad and for my evening meal lean protein again with steamed low GI vegetables. I will supplement this with raw fruit and vegetables throughout the day to keep my energy levels high and my body purring. My vital statistics are considerably lower, blood pressure and resting heart rate have plummeted for the better, I feel fresh, motivated and happy. I am not there yet but I have made a huge stride in the last 2 months and know that the end goal is not a matter of if but when. As you know I have not weighed myself during this first phase but I am now fitting into clothes that would mean my loss is in the region of 75 pounds/34 kgs additionally I have lost nearly 10 inches from my waist. As you can imagine I am extremely happy with this! :)

Today’s blog posting is going to be short, it has been a long week and I am shattered, however I will leave you with a few photos to show you my fantastic achievement so far. I hope you are inspired to join me on this amazing journey to attain the feeling of success. :)

DAY 61, 62 & 63 – BEGINNING OF PHASE 2

I have begun the second phase of my plan and I am enjoying it immensely! I have never enjoyed eating fresh salad, fruits and vegetables – it is an unbelievable transformation especially as my previous mantra was and to quote the great Homer Simpson – “you don’t win friends with salad!” I start my day with a juice, usually 3 apples, 3 carrots, leafy greens, lemon, an orange and ginger which gives me a nice boost and I also have 2 hard boiled eggs for their protein. At lunch I have 2 steamed chicken breasts with a large salad which consists of a lots of lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, onion and pepper all chopped up with lemon drizzled over. For dinner I have chicken or salmon with steamed veg like mushrooms, courgette, egg plant, carrots etc basically anything low GI. Having been juicing for quite some time all this food is a welcome change and I have no desire at all to eat anything that is not healthy or part of the phase 2 eating plan. If I feel slightly hungry I have some fruit or some carrot or celery sticks – I am finding it ever so easy which is great! I am on autopilot once again!

I had a good weekend, Friday I relaxed which was great after a long working week. Saturday I ventured out and played golf with Raushana which was an excellent way to blow off steam, there is nothing better than spending time in the fresh air, relaxing and enjoying the company of your partner. To finish up the weekend I did some studying and then we had Raushana’s friend and daughter over for dinner which was great fun, lots of smiles and laughter.

Life is good and I am enjoying this weight loss and lifestyle change process. I feel healthy and motivated to continue my journey to attaining my goal. My first real test is going to be in 2 weeks time when my holiday starts, how am I going to juggle a wedding in Ibiza, a week long training course in a hotel in York and then a week with my brother in the States? I think there is going to be a lot of strategic planning and risk management preparation coming up!

The Feeling of Success - Weekly Photo Update - Week 9


14 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 9

  1. Hey, your belt end is almost past your left pocket. I’m wagering you will be punching new holes in that belt just to make it work. Way to go!

  2. Looking great man! I would also like to build upon what you said about avoiding cravings. Some foods that contain MSG are made to build up artificial cravings in us. Just a thought.

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