Weekly Photo Update – Week 10

The Feeling of Success - Weekly Photo Update - Week 10


11 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 10

    • I am not weighing myself to remove additional pressure but based on my current wardrobe I know approximately what I weigh which puts my loss at over 80 pounds/37 kg so far 🙂

      • HI David. Congratulations! Heads up. So far, you have gone through what really is the easier part of the process believe it or not. The challenge will be to set a new goal and stay on track with the current Dave and future Dave. Of course you can do it as you have already prooved to yourself thus far. Dave, I have been a fitnesss trainer for 30 years, a World Champion Natural Bodybuilder and creator of Transform Your Reality. I believe viewing a clip from my show and my brief interview just might benenfit you at this point of your process and really help you through your next phase and beyond. View it as often as you feel. Go to transformyourreality.com and put in your name and e-mail and the clip will begin. If you have questions or need advice never hesitate to contact me via lacyweston.com Keep thriving and smiling David! Lacy

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