Weekly Photo Update – Week 13

The Feeling of Success - Progress Photos - Week 13

29 responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 13

  1. Is it not wonderful how you start out in one direction, then begin to see other positive results in areas of your life that you were not focused on? Fantastic, thank you for allowing me to follow your successful journey, so inspiring :).

    • Thank you! My tip would be to identify something that you want to achieve (for me it is the London marathon next year) and put in place a detailed action plan on how to achieve it. It has to be a specific plan however with measurable targets and must incorporate risk management (what do you do if something goes wrong). I have scheduled in depth my eating and training plans, which means I do not have to think for myself as I have already done the thinking up front. I follow the plan and focus on the feeling of success when the identified goal is achieved – I keep imagining the experience of intense joy when I cross the finishing line and how proud I will be of myself – achieving something that at the beginning seemed impossible. The motivation for me is doing something outrageous and proving to myself that I have the ability, focus and determination to achieve anything that I put my mind to. 🙂

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  3. Your dedication and stick-to-it spirit are inspiring.
    When I lost weight several years ago, it was due to a stomach problem– so I can in no way compare that to your ability to focus on what you want over time.

    To avoid the high cost of clothing as the weight dropped, I went to a thrift shop and bought clothes. It saved a lot of money. There was a consignment shop where I could take my larger sized clothing and use the money from that to purchase more clothes at a thrift store. It takes some time and effort to find those $100 blazers for $5 or $10 but it can be done.

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