Hello there, my name is David Donnelly and I have embarked on a weight loss journey to a new healthier and happier me. Join me on the journey 🙂

Currently I weigh 27 stone/378 pounds/171 Kilos, my goal is to reach 14 stone/196 pounds/89 kilos. This means I have to lose a total of 13 stone/182 pounds/82 kilos – I am aiming to do this within a year.


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  1. Hi David, Thanks for checking out my new blog, The Daily Sweat.
    Congratulations to you on making that first all important decision to get healthy by losing weight and secondly for going live with it and making yourself accountable. I applaud your tenacity. Although I don’t have as much weight to lose, I still struggle with it (have all my life), and want so badly to be lean. Some people says it’s too much, but I aim to exercise daily, and have been doing that for over 4 months now. Some days it’s really hard to get started, but once I have, I usually feel great (as well as proud), and now I am at the point where I miss it if I don’t do it! My downfall is having fun with my friends, ie; drinking and eating!
    So glad I have an on-line buddy to keep me going. Keep up the great work. Love your blog. 🙂

    • I really appreciate your comment, thank you. My problem like you has been having fun with my friends, too much fun however and with too many friends. I am learning more about moderation and delayed gratification, and it is having a significant impact on my success. My lifestyle is now the norm and I never want to go back to where I was. I’m taking one day at a time with the knowledge that I will get to where I want to be if I just keep going. 🙂

  2. Hey David, thanks for checking out my blog, hoppingaroundabit! I have metabolism difficulties, due to an auto-immune disorder, so i need to watch what I eat. I’m new to blogging and my original idea was to write about anything I feel like while I travel. But I’m finding that I’m compelled to write about health, exercise (trying new forms) and sourcing healthy food. I hope in some way they are useful and/or provide a source of inspiration. Keep going, you are doing so well! And what a great idea to make it so public – no turning back now 🙂 I’ll be checking back on here to see how you’re getting on. Looking better and better each week!

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